ARGH! SoBig.. SoBig SoBig SoBig SoBig SoBig SoBig…. I’ve got one piece of advice to everyone on the Internet. If you have a PC and plan to use it on the internet, use virus protection. It is essential now.

This is my inbox (right) – it is now getting to the stage that people are almost being advised to not to open any attachments at all. This is a crazy state of affairs and unfortunate – I remember a few short years ago when Lovebug hit – I saw someone open it up at an ISP I worked for and it crippled the entire company within an hour. Don’t let this happen to you!

Almost EVERY PART of an email can be forged – the sender the recepient .. everything – always check the first IP address that it’s come from – and even if it looks like someone you know, be wary!