It’s gone!!

Its gone!!

A good and bad day today. Good because my fiances’ sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Bad because, as we ran through the hospital, I lost the grip on my Smartphone and.. well.. It’s now cabbaged.

The TFT screen itself is now cracked, no sound comes from the earpiece and .. well, that’s it. The image on the right shows what it looks like now.

Here’s my plea – does anyone have a Tanager Smartphone they’d like to donate (ok, that’s asking a lot, but it’s worth a shot!) to so that the site may continue to grow ? Come on Orange !! You’ve been my network for ages, do me a favour! 🙂 The Tanager pictured was actually not covered by any insurance, and was not from Orange, so I’m pretty screwed. 🙁 I’ve had to resort to an old Nokia 6310.. (spit) … 🙁 🙁

If you want to donate a Tanager Smartphone (E100 / Smart Amazing Phone / QTek 7070), give me an email and in exchange I’ll sort out some free front-page advertising for your company! I’m serious here – without a Smartphone it’s VERY difficult to test things for this site.. 🙁

Oh – as a side note, I’m adding lots more Hardware Reviews this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for those in the reviews section here. There should now be a review of the Piel Frama Leather case, the lovely, lovely LovelySync Charge and Sync Cable, the new USB Battery Extender, a Car Charger, and the Krusell Leather Case. There’s more to come too!! Don’t forget, if you want your product reviewed here, give me an email.

Congrats again to my sister and brother in-law and their new baby!! 🙂