Orange news – SPV 2?

Orange news   SPV 2? After the initial murmours about the SPV 2, and recent reports that Orange France are prepared to mention a bit more about it, it now appears that Orange have removed the link to the SPV2 news / info page and are attempting to cover up all knowledge of a September 1st release date. More info on this can be found here at We were doubtful about this release date, as on-board bluetooth and several other improvements seemed just too good to be true, plus if it were to be released on September 1st then we would have at least expected some pictures of it. Although the link to the SPV2 page has been removed from the Orange France website, strangely you can still see it by clicking here.

The SPV 2 is apparently based on the HTC Voyager design is confirmed as having an integral camera and Java it also states that it is Bluetooth enabled.

The SPV 2 is designed on the Tanager model, and with the integral camera it offers much quicker / smoother camera updates and streaming to enable better video-recording.

For a quite hilarious translation from Altavista into English – click here.

Source and more info – Orange France