QTek 7070 Update

QTek 7070 Update For those of you with the Qtek Smartphone (the Tanager model), you can now update to OS version 1.5 by clicking here.

This update does pretty much the same as the other 1.5 updates – a fix to the SMS character count, updated diag etc. It also includes IA Album 1.6. Also – we seem to have found that it allows ringtones and backgrounds to be used straight from the storage card!

As usual, we don’t advise updating to a different OS version unless you have purchased the phone on that network. Doing the update on any other network will alter your security permissions, GPRS / MMS settings and could mean that your phone is no longer supported by your network provider. The update also appears to allow you to tun the phone on any Network, plus it runs uncertified applications. This is partially why the recent Smart Amazing Update (1.5) performed several checks to see if your Smartphone was a on the Smart network before installing.

If you have an Eleksen keyboard, and you do choose to use this update, then you can use the keyboard driver here to get it working after updating. All in all, yes – this will “app-unlock” your Smartphone, but it will also bugger up some other settings and you’ll find that T9 doesn’t work with English.. so don’t come crying to me… 😉