It’s bigger than my beer fridge baby!!!!!!!

Its bigger than my beer fridge baby!!!!!!! Just a few short months ago I bodged together a single web page and called it “My SPV Stuff”. It had a few tricks ‘n tips for the original Orange SPV, which I’d bought from a shopping centre a few days before. Little did I know that some time later that tiny web page would become such a vast web site with a staggering 14,000 members!

Wow wow wow! Sure, it pales in comparison to this weekends’ Robbie Williams concerts (bloody excellent by the way mate), but it’s a mind-boggling figure for me!

Many, MANY thanks to each and every one of you! You should all give yourself a huge round of applause for this – go on, get down the pub and buy a pint to celebrate! You guys are all helping each other to get more out of the Smartphone. Many, many thanks… I’ve added a load of extra sound samples from my favourite comedian (next to Lee Evans) – Peter Kay to celebrate (I went to see him in Birmingham but we had crap seats and we couldn’t even see him!) 🙁 Anyway, we’re well on the way to 15,000 – by my reckoning, we should hit that sometime next week …… even saying THAT seems mad!