Networks announce results

Networks announce results Verizon, Telefónica and France Telecom (owner of Orange) have announced good profits. Verizon, who are Americas largest phone company, announced a net profit of $338m – up from the $2.1bn LOSS last year.

France Telecom also announced profits, after restructuring less than a year after bankruptcy was on the cards. An operating profit of €4.6bn for the first 6 months and a rise in sales of 1.7 per cent to €22.9bn must be putting smiles on France Telecom, and Orange bosses.

Meanwhile Telefónica, Spain’s biggest phone company have also hit a profit – reversing it’s previous loss. They had a 6 month net income of €1.43bn which is a lot better than last year, when they lost €5.58bn.

This is good news for the mobile industry – we need the networks to do well, otherwise we’d have several lumps of useless plastic! 🙂

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