Intel and MS to be stopped?

Intel and MS to be stopped? Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics have decided to form an alliance to fend off market dominance from Microsoft and Intel in the mobile phone arena. The two chip manufacturers said that they had “formed an alliance to spur development of a wider range of wireless features and to guard against any one industry player dominating the latest generation of phones.”

Also joining these two companies will be Nokia, who already make more than a third of the all mobile phones sold worldwide, plus ARM – designer of the core processor chips used in most wireless phones (including the Orange SPV (Canary) and the SPV E100 (Tanager)).

These four are members of the “Mobile Industry Processor Interface” (MIPI) Alliance and are now set to recruit other phone, hardware and software manufacturers in their “fight”.

More information and source can be found on ZDNet UK