Two great losses..

Two great losses.. Today sees the closure of two great Smartphone websites, which have been around since the early days and have helped to build and develop the Smartphone community.

Firstly, the excellent French site is to close, which has had Cyberb0b at the helm and has given us news, fresh design and the best hints ‘n tips. Cyberb0b will shortly be redirecting all traffic to the site across to the formidabble

Read more from CyberbOb’s decision in this Babel-translation.

We also say goodbye to the excellent SmartGoodies too, which is another impressive French website. Check the Babel-version here. Rossignol (webmaster of SmartGoodies) has also made the hard decision to close, and a redirection will be put in shortly to direct visitors to the awesome Smartgoodies has provided loads of utils, games, skins and backdrops which can all be downloaded directly to your Smartphone via GPRS.

It’s sad to see these guys go, but I’m positive that they’ll still be Smartphone fans and will continue to spread the word far and wide! Thanks guys for all your hard work.