RepliGo – Free Viewer

RepliGo   Free Viewer

Cerience Announces FREE RepliGo Software
for your PDA, Smart Phone and Windows

The most powerful document solution for your mobile device just got even better! Read a summary of this exciting offer below or visit to get the whole story.

If you own a Palm OS handheld, Pocket PC, Microsoft Smartphone, Sony Ericsson P800 or Nokia 3650/7650 then you and your friends are invited to download a FREE copy of RepliGo Viewer at This download is available from your desktop or over-the-air directly to your mobile device.

RepliGo Viewer 1.2 offers improved integration with your device’s email and Web browsing software, allowing you to fetch your documents wirelessly. Load this FREE software on all of your mobile devices and spread the word so you can begin sharing documents with all of your colleagues.

Cerience is also proud to introduce RepliGo Viewer 1.0 for Windows. This FREE software allows you to view RepliGo documents right on your Windows PC — especially handy when you’re back at your desk. Download it now at

Have you tried RepliGo in the past? You can begin a NEW trial of the RepliGo 1.2 conversion and synchronization software by downloading a new copy at

Your documents are never far away with RepliGo. Imagine the power of carrying all of your important information on your mobile device without sacrificing the original formatting. Perhaps you’d like to email documents to your mobile workforce? RepliGo’s universal, super-compressed document format reduces wireless data costs and assures your documents will arrive fully intact. Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Web pages and hundreds of other document types are moments away from being in your pocket.

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RepliGo conversion software version 1.2 can be purchased for $24.95 USD or $29.95 USD depending on the platform, and is available online at

Registered users of any previous version are eligible for a free upgrade. Uninstall the old version, then install version 1.2, and use your existing registration code to register version 1.2