IA Style Upgrades

IA Style Upgrades

Hello from IA Style,

IA Album for Smartphone has been upgraded to be 100% compatible with the Orange SPV e100, the new model of SPV, and its new plug-in digital camera. We also have a new 15-day trial version available for download.

And if you already own IA Album for Smartphone, be sure to register so you can take advantage of future upgrades.

If you use IA Album for Smartphone, you know how critical it is if you want to browse or capture pictures on your phone and camera. If you have an Orange SPV e100 phone, then you definitely want to register and download the new version, but even if you do not have this phone, you should register and re-install because we will soon be releasing a new upgrade (IA Album for Smartphone version 2.0) that will make your software, and your phone, even better. This new version should be ready in about one month..

To register, all you will need to do is visit our registration page and type in the email address that you used when you purchased. We will then email you a Registration Code.

Once you receive your registration code for IA Album, please uninstall/remove the current version, then download the new version from our website.

And if you have a Smartphone, but you do not use IA Album, download now to find out why this software is one of the most popular Smartphone apps at the Orange SPV store.

1   Register, download, or purchase IA Album for Smartphone.