I’m back!

Im back! Here I am… just about. 🙂 Night flights REALLY mess your head up. I’ve had about 2 hours kip in the past 2 days, so I’m a bit bleary at the moment! 🙂 Plus I am stuck on a slow dial-up connection, so no mail checks yet! 🙁

What can I say ? Paul from Modaco.com has just beeped me about this thing…

Im back!

I’m having trouble typing at the moment as the keys are a tad fuzzy, but Paul says…

“This device looks remarkly similar to a mystery ‘smart phone’ featured on the Orange RoadMap a few weeks ago, slated to appear at the start of Q4 2003.”

“The device is manufactured for Motorola by Chi Mei Communication Systems of Taiwan. The device is slightly smaller than the existing clamshell Smartphone, the Mitac Mio, but doesn’t sport an integrated camera. Also unlike the Mio, the phone has no external antenna, and hence sports a very smart, simple design.”

Very Nice mate! Check out the full story (WITH EVEN MORE PICS!) by clicking here!