I’m not here!

Im not here! As previously mentioned, I’m hopping on a plane later today, so I’m gonna be completely off-line until next Friday (July 25th). FAQ’s, emails, submissions etc will be checked on my return, but don’t forget to spread the word about this site. 🙂 I’ve had a few emails saying how people have “mentioned” CoolSmartPhone.com whilst in Orange shops or if people are having problems with their Smartphone. 🙂 Please do!

Remember that registering here is free, and gives you access to the downloads section – plus it allows you to contribute your own stuff, so if you haven’t joined already click here to register – I want to see the membership exceed 12,000 by the time I get back! Hehehe 🙂

Anyway, thanks again for all your support! The Smartphone rules! 🙂