Death blow for 3G?

Death blow for 3G? Mobile manufacturer NEC have decided that video streaming across a 3G network is OK, but having TV on your phone would be even better. This is great, except it’s not exactly what the 3G networks would like. Who is going to bother downloading short comedy video clips across a 3G network (giving people like “3” some much needed revenue), when they can watch free-to-air TV ?

NEC has demoed their prototype mobile phone, which uses the screen to display TV piccies. NEC say it’s probably the first to do this, and they plan to do a commercial version by 2005.

The new handset should receive Digital TV from Terrestrial transmitters. The UK has a very established Digital Terrestrial TV network now, so this would be a good place to launch. 🙂

More info and full story – ZDNet