Infosync review the E100

Infosync review the E100 Another review has appeared, this time from They gave it a fairly respectable 7.4 / 10 and say..

“Although the E100 is largely identical to the original SPV, its great new screen, improved ergonomics and beefed-up accessories make it an attractive proposition for those in the market for a Smartphone. The hardware and OS are both very powerful, despite the occasional glitch and design flaw, and with a bit of patience the E100 gives a rewarding user experience.”

“What’s positive: great new screen and buttons; large number of added accessories”

“What’s negative: software is still a bit flaky; missing Bluetooth; weak battery”

I would disagree about the “flaky software” – as the latest releases have been very stable and trouble free (as far as OS goes), plus I’m not aware of any programs that are “flaky”. The battery isn’t weak either, it’s a good battery but yes – it doesn’t last as long as the two-colour crappy phones of yesteryear. This does take some getting used to, especially when you are testing / reviewing / messing with the phone when you first get it – if you’re playing MP3’s, games, movies and testing it to destruction then it will wear the battery down. When you get back to normal day-to-day usage it is better. For example, I took mine OFF charge at 6PM yesterday (Friday) and it’s still on full power now (mid-day Saturday) and yet I have the screen showing as “on” all the time.

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