Good news for MS Smartphone!

Good news for MS Smartphone! With both 02 (the network) and now Mitac (the manufacturer) announcing stuff today, this is brilliant news for the MS Smartphone platform!

Mitac announce here their intention to develop even more phones using MS Smartphone as an OS and they are seeking to become the number 1 player in China!

This is how I KNOW that the MS Smartphone WILL succeed. Not only is the MS Smartphone platform CONFIGURABLE quickly (which keeps the networks happy, as they can customize the handset with network specific software / shortcuts / logos / backdrops / colour schemes and much more, but also MS Smartphone means that handset manufacturers can concentrate on one thing only – meeting (or exceeding) the expected specs for the Smartphone OS. All that remains is for them to design a cool handset that will sell. Plus, MS Smartphone will succeed because it interacts seamlessly with the PC.

All MS need to do now is see off Symbian.. which is easier said than done, but can be achieved with our help!! 🙂