More news on the SPV2

More news on the SPV2 News from reaches us today regarding the SPV2 – known as the HTC Voyager. They state …

“What isn’t clear, is who will be the first to announce it. It’s taken for granted that Orange will have one; but in fact, the big, tub-thumping, trumpet-blowing raz-ma-taz launch is being planned by T-Mobile, which has the rights to sell the Tanager and the Voyager in Europe – and in the USA.”

“And another possibility which has to be considered, is that T-Mobile may decide to skip the Tanager version, and go straight on to the Voyager.”

“Microsoft is simply bursting to be able to announce the T-Mobile deal, after rumours earlier this year that the carrier had cancelled its launch.”

There appears to be a lot of secrecy about this handset, which is understandable as it may impact E100 sales – I don’t see why though. If you have the chance to upgrade, grab an E100 now – however, if you’ve only just got an original SPV, then the Voyager could be within your sights for Christmas! 🙂