SPV 2 News

SPV 2 News
We already know about the SPV E100, due out next week on Orange, but what of the SPV 2? It was mentioned at the Orange Press presentation recently (see this slide) but the image just looks like a simple copy of the SPV E100 (HTC Tanager).

However, it’s a great sign of things to come, as the Tanager-based design is already proving popular.

Sources say that the SPV2 will include..

-Bluetooth (in built)
-Built in camera, at rear of phone – much faster than existing plug-in cam.
-Windows Mobile 2003 OS

According to Paul @ modaco.com, the phone is to be named the HTC “Voyager” and will probably be out here for Christmas 2003. This is great news for SPV owners who can’t yet upgrade to the SPV E100. More information and news at the mighty Modaco.com.

N.b – Although Orange have NEVER contacted me since this site has been running, I have removed the SPV 2 mockup picture as per a request from Orange France. Please Orange, give me an email – go on, show me you care! 🙂