Smartphone praised by The Register

Smartphone praised by The Register The usually Microsoft-hating “Register” is actually defending the Microsoft Smartphone in an article by Drew Cullen. The article covers the recent announcement of Motorola “Orange Branded” phones – which will include specific Orange menus, case mods and Orange Applications (such as Backup / Restore).

A recent news story from The Guardian says the deal is a blow to Microsoft ambitions. However – The Register actually defends MS by saying…

“We don’t see how – the Moto handsets are different phones for different customer segments.”

They also go on to say….
“According to our sources Motorola is readying the launch of its own MS-powered smartphone. If this is correct, Microsoft will have won an important endorsement from the world’s second biggest mobile phone maker.”

High praise indeed from The Register! Check out the entire story by clicking here ( – Just try to ignore the huge adverts for some tin-pot little network called VodaPhone.. 🙂