SPV E100 Out in UK on July 9th!

SPV E100 Out in UK on July 9th! The mighty modaco.com has the scoop on the release date for the Tanager – to be known as the SPV E100 on Orange. We knew it was sometime in July, and several people have told me that it is being communicated to Mobile Phone shops across the UK, but as of 2 weeks today, on July 7th (subject to the SPV E100s getting through customs and not being stolen like the SPV’s were!) it will finally be a reality!

So, who will get their mitts on one first ? Well, my bet is that the first weekend (July 12th and 13th) will very busy. This was proved during November 2002, when the original SPV flew out of the shops extremely quickly, and even the Orange Shops themselves ran out. Best bet ? Get down the shops during the first week !

But wait – there’s thousands of you with an SPV – ME TOO! Don’t worry, new owners won’t have too much more than you – just a slightly different keyboard and a clearer screen. Don’t despair SPV owners ! Maybe you will be first to get your hands on a Mio 8380! 🙂 🙂

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