New! It’s live!!! Well, almost. I have to be brutally honest and say it ain’t quite finished yet – but I didn’t want anyone thinking I’d abandoned you lot !!

Don’t worry though – if you want to get to some older material or want to check out some of the excellent sounds and backdrops that I haven’t yet moved over (sorry, it’s taking a while!), then just click here for the old site!!

Please also tell me if I’ve missed anything, or if a page doesn’t work – I will sort it as soon as possible. There’s a few downloads missing from the “downloads” section, which I’m currently sorting out. 🙂 The new site has some downloads missing (as you’ve probably seen) and the backdrops aren’t available on the new site, so you’ll need to hit the link on the left to see the old version of the site and go to the pages you need that way.