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  • Mckeza

    hi guys great site.

    Unfortunately it really doesn’t agree with the old desire, been trying for weeks to get it able to stay on the article page but for some reason the article just disappears after a few seconds. Is there a mobile version of the site I can use instead? It didn’t do this on the old site.

    Very frustrating! Cheers.

  • Sunni_muslim

    Android 2.3 for HTC Incredible S and Desire HD now live
    Richard Goodwin

    HTC has finally begun rolling out Android 2.3 for its HTC Incredible S and HTC Desire HD handsets
    Published on May 9, 2011
    HTC has begun rolling out Android 2.3 (AKA Gingerbread) for the HTC Incredible S and the Desire HD.We heard rumblings last week about the update going live across Europe but wanted to hold fire until we knew that Gingerbread had landed in the UK.Well, now it has – so everyone with a HTC Incredible S and Desire HD can now enjoy all the pleasures of Android 2.3.It should make a big difference to both handsets and hopefully even free up some more battery life on the Desire HD via its speed and power optimisations.There was quite a stink kicked up by punters in the UK about the Incredible S not shipping with Android 2.3. HTC promised an update very soon after, so in this respect it’s kept to its word.Obviously, if you’ve got a network branded handset you’ll have to wait until the operators have had a good fiddle with the operating system before it’s pushed out. But hopefully this shouldn’t be too long.If you’ve got a non-network branded smartphone and want to check to see if the update has reached your phone, simply go to Menu, then Settings, open About, go to Phone, select Software Update and click Update Now.We do advise you do perform this sizable update over Wi-Fi has it’ll cost an absolute fortunate and take a small eternity to do via 3G.So what can you expect from Android 2.3? Quite a lot as it goes. For starters you’ve got a new user interface design with new themes, SIP Communication Supported Supports for NFC, support for WebM/VP8 video playback, and AAC audio encoding, improved Copy and Paste functionality, redesigned Multi Touch Software Keyboard and improved power management and application controlHappy Gingerbread day!

  • ben

    this is not good it says 6 pound a month the changes to 15.50 pound a month !!!!!

  • TimCor

    Galaxy S3 now updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 but only through Kies. Kies only installs if Microsoft Net is uninstalled