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Dux iPad Air case – Review

Cases are ten a penny these days so it takes something special to make them stand out. First impressions count, even if we’re always told not to judge a book by its cover! The STM Dux case for the first generation iPad Air is marketed on the

iClever 3 and 4 port USB car chargers – Review

We have a couple more devices for turning what was once a cigarette lighter into a rather nicer USB charging point. The cigarette lighter, which you may see now called a power point in your car, can be used to charge your portable device. However, with lots

KitSound Manhattan Headphones in Rose Gold – A Review

I’ve had the opportunity to test several KitSound devices over the past year and generally I’ve always come away with a positive impression. I listen to a lot of music and a good pair of headphones is important to me, so how will the KitSound Manhattan headphones

Acer Iconia One 7 – Review

There’s a raft of 7″ tablets out there. Just have a look down your local supermarket and you’ll see a stack of them. Here we’ve got the Acer Icon is One 7. Around back, a very grippy rear panel which has a rather funky pattern on it.

Syllable D900 Bluetooth Headphones – Review

Bluetooth headsets. There’s lots of them out there and you’ll usually notice that they’re usually bulkier than normal headsets, especially around the ears. A lot also have a cable attaching the two. Here, the D900 headsets from Syllable arrive in a rather clever box which doubles as

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ – Review

Well isn’t this a beautiful looking thing? Everytime I show this to somebody there is an audible “wow”. You could perhaps put the slowest, cheapest CPU and memory in here and people would still be amazed by looks alone. I have the gold version here from giffgaff

aLLreLi Dual Port USB Travel Charger – Review

Boosting your battery back up is a daily task. Here we have a charger from aLLreLi. It’s ideal for travellers as there’s a stack of slot-in interchangeable plugs in the box. Here in the UK I’m obviously using the UK adapter, but you get the EU plug,

Crystal is a simple-and-sweet ad-blocker for iOS [Review]

With the public release of iOS 9, everyone is eager to take advantage of the new features it has to offer: News, Proactivity, Search. But as the press picked up on during the summer, iOS 9 has also allowed for the creation of content blocker apps. These

Suaoki 7.2A 36W 3 port USB car charger – Review

Some of the items we get to review area quite complicated. They need research and a fairly wordy write-up. This, on the other hand, not so much. The Suaoki car charger is everything you’d expect it to be out of the box. It’s portable, easy to use

Groov-e Portable Solar Charger – Review

Running out of power on our expensive smartphones is something that we have sadly grown to expect. Battery packs and mobile charges do help this situation, but you have to remember to keep charging THEM too. This is a very different sort of battery pack. It’ll will

Lumsing 4 port USB wall charger & 10400mah powerbank reviews

4 port USB wall charger. My night time ritual goes something like this.. Put the cat out Lock the doors Make sure all the windows are closed Walk around the house looking like Mr T from the A-Team with a multitude of charger leads and plugs round

OVEVO Fantasy Pro Z1 Bluetooth speaker – Review

I always tend to start these articles by saying, “we get a lot of Bluetooth speakers”. We do. We really do. This one is a bit different, because it’s got some additional talents. It’s also a rather nice LED light. The people behind this tell me that

Trendz fashion mobile accessories – Reviewed

Technology doesn’t have to be be dull, in fact it can become a fashionable accessory to your life, a little extension of your personality or just great to look at. A great example of a company trying to inject a little style into a our technology packed

HTC Desire 626 – Review

Think HTC and you’ll invariably think of the HTC One handsets. They’re beautiful. They’re well-built and they’re feature-rich. However, they’re also pretty expensive, so what about those who want a taste of HTC but don’t quite have the cash? The Desire 626 is a device I’ve had

Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 5.5 – Review

Something I have been seeing across the industry right now is an emergence of lots of low price flagship challengers. These come from various sources, with the most prominent of these being China. Now, the inherent problem with buying from China is what then happens when it

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition – Review

Those of you who read the site regularly will no doubt be aware that I have had a couple of Ubuntu devices (including the Bq Aquarius E5) come through over the last few months to review. Now we have another one, and this is the daddy of them

Wishbone Smart Thermometer – Review

Have you got a small child? If so you will be most likely aware that they have an uncanny tendency to get ill from time to time. Now ,like any good parent, we’ve got a digital thermometer. However, like any good self respecting toddler my son despises

Motorola Moto G 3rd gen – Review

It has been just less than a couple of years since Motorola launched the original Moto G, and now the third iteration of Motorola’s successful device is with us. I recently live-blogged the announcement event for the 3rd generation Moto G, the Moto X Play and Moto

Edifier M3280BT Home Audio Bluetooth Speakers – Review

This aren’t your usual Bluetooth speakers. You can’t carry them around in your pocket for a starter – they’re just too big. The box alone weighs in at 7KG when it arrives, so these are definitely home speakers which will take up space on a table, cupboard

Pebble Time – Review.

It has been a while since I mentioned the Pebble Time. To be honest this is intentional. I had an issue with the first one they gave me, which was resolved by a replacement (more on that later). Now that I have had some time to use it in