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FreeFly VR Review

This was arguably the most fun I have had doing a review in a long time. The Freefly VR (not Firefly as I say twice in the video!) was so fun and compatible with numerous smartphones, great purchase for any gadget geek and can be bought from

BagsByBlack Review

Yesterday we did our first live broadcast on Periscope of the BagsbyBlack BUDDI bag. We first saw this bag at Gadget Show 2016 with LEXI bag, the article can be read here. If you like our podcasts, please follow us on Periscope and YouTube for more of

Get yourself a new iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

As you’ll no doubt be aware by now, I’m terrible at organising my photos and videos. I’ve got the Meem cable to backup my stuff when I’m charging, but what if you want to have a flash drive on my iPhone instead? SanDisk have the answer people.

Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker – All-new Go + Play coming soon

Bluetooth speakers are available everywhere, but Bluetooth speakers that actually sound good? There’s not so many of those. Harman Kardon has tweaked their Go + Play speaker, with quad-drivers and “room-filling sound”. You connect to it like all other Bluetooth speakers, but then the Harman Kardon audio

Spy Watch – Review

Check me out ladies. I got me a spy watch. I’m just like James Bond, but with an added belly and some questionable reasons for actually owning one. This, it has to be said, does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s two batteries inside –

Choetech 3 port charger with Type C – Review

  The thing with new types of power standards and connectors is that you soon realise you need more than one charger, because all your old ones don’t fit your new phone or tablet. This is exactly the case with the switchover to USB type C socket for

Netatmo Weather Station Review

The Netatmo Weather Station was reviewed back in early 2013. As technology improves I thought it would be a good time to look at the latest version of the Netatmo Weather Station to see how the product has developed. Especially as being British the start of every

Pebble Smartwatches down in price today

Fancy yourself a rather cool Pebble smartwatch? The entire range appears to have had a price cut today over on Amazon, where the Pebble Steel is down to £104.99 with a £4.09 delivery charge and the Pebble Time is down to £169.99. There’s other choices too, including

Galactica – A VR rollercoaster reviewed

Way back in 2002 Alton Towers opened a ride called “Air”. It was their first ever “flying” roller coaster. You strapped yourself in and then the ride would tilt you forward, sending you face-down under footpaths, over trees and upside down. Some 14 years later, it’s still

New Amazon Kindle – £270!!! – Enter the Kindle Oasis

Amazon has released yet another Kindle. This one’s the Bentley of them all, priced at £269.99 (What?! I see you ask with wide open eyes). Not only that, but the 3G version is £329.99 if you want to stay connected with all your expensive reading. This one

Annke SP3 960P HD Wireless IP Camera – Review

We’ve head quite a few security cameras cropping up here at Coolsmartphone. This one is from Annke and you can control and move it from anywhere via your smartphone. First up, the plus points. Although you’ll spot an ethernet port on this, it connects very easily via

iFit Classic has hit the UK market!

Last week we got to see the iFit Duo and Exec which are out Summer 2016 and Summer 2017 respectively, however we did see a glimpse of the iFit Classic. This is the first iFit smartwatch in the UK with the fashion and fitness blend as well

EE TV Update goes wrong, new features rolled back

Customers of the EE TV service already have a few questions. Will BT TV eventually replace their box? Perhaps. More importantly though, where’s the promised March update? It’s still not here, and customers aren’t happy. The update is pretty promising, and the promised new features are very

D3O range exclusive at Carphone Warehouse

D3O have created a new GEAR4 Black range of ultra tough phone cases. This is the first case with injection mouldable D3O and is specialist grade with no holes. This type of D3O has not apparently been seen before and is the strongest on the market. GEAR4

Venturer enter the affordable mini Windows Notebook arena

Venturer have launched the ‘BravoWin 10KT’ and the ‘EliteWin 11KT’ mini notebooks, equipped with Windows 10 and Office 365 or Office Mobile. The Venturer convertible tablets are equipped with a detachable smart keyboard that has a pressure sensing trackpad which clips on magnetically so it can be used

WhatsApp now fully encrypted.

Unless you have been living in a cave, with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears, you will have heard of the recent hoo-ha over a certain company and a law enforcement agency request to unlock an iPhone. This has spiralled into a privacy debate,

GSL 2016: eFoldi wins British Inventors’ Project 2016

Over the last month or so, we have been talking about the British Inventor’s Project and the famous inventions that came out of Birmingham. All the nominees were exhibiting at the recent Gadget Show Live event. I got to meet the fantastic Sumi Wang and experience a

aLLreLi KA150 Wireless Keyboard – Review

This is just £12.99 on Amazon and, I have to say, I quite like this. It’s definitely my preference when compared to the gaming keyboard we looked at fairly recently. This is the aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard and it comes with 18 multimedia function keys too. Out