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Good Morning World. This is Great Britain calling.

Is this thing on? Are we still here? Europe? Are you still there? Are our European servers still on? Are we all still friends? Sorry about all that guys. Everything went a bit mad there for a moment. Our money is worth less now, the markets are

Reolink HD IP Security Camera – Video overview

Remember the all-weather fixed security camera I reviewed the other day? The Reolink IP camera will fix to your wall or roof and points at your driveway, your garden, your warehouse or inside your property and you can view the images and video anywhere in the world

Doosl FM Transmitter – Review

I’ve been sent an FM transmitter again. It’s one of those ones you’ll find on Amazon with a rather long and confusing name. The full description for this £13 gadget is (wait for it)… “FM Transmitter, Doosl® 3.5mm FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Hands-free Calling Wireless Radio Car

Wraps Headphones – Review

Remember the Wraps Wearable Headphones we mentioned recently? OK, so it was a bitdaft to call them “wearable” because of course, all headphone sare. However, these wrap around your wrist when they’re not in use, so you effectively turn them into a bracelet / bangle when they’re

Reolink HD IP Security Camera – Review

We’ve had security cameras in the past but this one will work outside and you can’t move it around automatically. Yes, it’s a “proper” security camera. Now, many of you will probably think that you need some sort of recording hardware and other bits to make this

Seek announce a new cheap version of their thermal camera

In August last year we took a look at the Seek Thermal camera. It basically slots onto the bottom of your phone and, in real time, shows you what’s hot and what’s not. Now you can get an affordable model in the shape of the Seek CompactPRO.

Apple hit further problems in China

After the recent ban on the iTunes Movies and iBooks store in China, Apple seem to be heading for some further trouble there. This time around, it is relating to it’s current flagships – the iPhone 6 & 6s. Apple’s been suing Samsung endlessly on patents &

Jide Announce its next Remix, the Remix Pro

It has been a bit of time since we last heard any news from Jide (the makers of Remix Ultra Tablet and the Remix Mini). They have been working very hard on a few different projects and building their portfolio up. So, what have they been working on

Fancy a Bluetooth baseball cap?

A random Chinese company got in touch with us today. To be honest this happens every day. Companies seem to think that we’re a shop of some kind and we want to buy their things. We’re not, but sometimes they do tell us about some pretty weird

Make your own popstar video with this selfie accessory

You’ve probably seen those music videos where a pop starlet has a close-up with the camera and is lit beautifully by a circular set of lights attached to the camera. It makes the singer look fresh, clear and they’ll stand out in the resulting video. Now you

Talk to the animals with a KYON Pet Tracker

Watching your pet from work or anywhere else is pretty simple. Just get a camera or perhaps use a spare smartphone to act as an IP camera. It’s a good way to have a quick look at your dog or cat from afar, but… wouldn’t it be

Gadget Review for an International Trip

This is video is long overdue, regardless I took a business trip to Malaysia for work reasons and decided to take a road test of a number of gadgets to play with. First up was the BagsByBlack BUDDI bag, then Pump Audio V2, Anker Power Bank 20100, cables

MEEM is now out!

Back in January, Leigh looked at the MEEM cable which was in the Kickstarter stage. What is MEEM I hear you ask? Well it is a phone charger cable that automatically backs up personal data on a smartphone to the cable, every time the phone is charged. MEEM

SEAT turns to VR

When I received this press release I honestly thought SEAT had launched a new way of selling their cars. Perhaps, after strapping your phone to your face via Google Cardboard or similar, you could experience a SEAT before you bought one? Well, it’s not quite that –

XQISIT XQ S20 Bluetooth Speaker – Review

The Bluetooth speaker market is flooded with different devices – if you don’t believe me, just do a quick search on either Amazon or eBay and it will take about a week to trawl though all the offerings. Prices range from just a couple of pounds, through

Ubuntu OTA brings Wireless Display to Meizu Pro 5

Announced yesterday on the Ubuntu site – the Over The Air update 11 for Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition brings the much delayed full Ubuntu PC experience from a mobile phone handset. In addition to this feature, this update also brings overall performance improvements to the M10

XQISIT iE 200 Bluetooth headset – review.

I for one always have some sort of headphones stuck around my head, to be honest, I can’t even walk to the shop without popping a set on and listening to a podcast or two (the fantastic coolsmartphone podcast is one I happen to listen to). I have

LG G5 Case Special

How do you cover a phone which effectively comes apart? Well, it is possible. The boys from sent us a few to try and, with the aid of video and some lovely photos, we’re going to have a look at them. First, for those of you