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CPR Call Blocker – Review

You know how it goes. You get home from a long day at work and, just as you sit down for your evening meal, the home phone rings. If you’ve got caller ID then you’ll either see a withheld number or an international number flashing up. The

Capturing Family Memories with Technology

The set-up. The days of relying on traditional (and expensive) photography film are long gone. Now precious memories can be captured using consumer device in high-quality video and pictures. To put some of the latest devices to the test, I set out with my son, his go

Announced – The Worlds first 4G wearable camera from EE

You’ve seen those TV shows following the police or bailiffs doing their jobs. You might’ve also seen the little body cameras they wear too. They protect both the person wearing it and the public, but now you can get one yourself from EE. This is even more

Online, offline, iMend now does a walk-in service too

This weekend, apart from getting stupidly drunk in my local (I’d like to apologise right now to everyone), I went to several local shops. During my walk around it kinda hit me just how lucky we are to have all these businesses on our doorstep. I got

TravelCard Plus Mobile Charger Review

Last year I was sent through the TravelCard portable charger for review. It’s a super slim battery pack designed to fit in your wallet and give your mobile device that all important boost when you need it. I loved the TravelCard charger and it sits happily in my wallet

Embarrassed using a selfie stick? Here’s the solution.

Us Brits aren’t always good with self confidence. Taking a photo of yourself can, for some, be a bit embarrassing. Using a selfie stick, well, that’s another matter. So, Japanese Twitter user @Mansooon, who doesn’t really reveal a lot about himself, has come up with a solution.

EE offer to track your personal items

After raising a serious truck-load of cash on Indiegogo, TrackR was born. It’s a small, coin-shaped device which you can attach to your keys, stick in your wallet or put on your handbag. Working with an app, it shows you where your things are and also works

Charge your phone with pure muscle power

We’ve published many reviews and have taken a look at various mobile chargers. Battery life is highly important to phone users, so you can either carry around a big battery as a mobile charger or just keep yourself near to a car or wall charger. It’s a

Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard – You can only buy the US layout

Here in the UK our keyboards are slightly different. Indeed, if you travel around the world a bit you’ll notice that keyboard layouts differ depending which country you’re in. Differences between national keyboard layouts are mostly the placements of symbols on the character keys. Between the UK

Arcade OrbitCAM XL Drone review

One of my other hobbies, apart from writing for this fantastic site, is flying drones. These are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV’s. My current setup is able to hold a GoPro camera on a 3 axis gimbal which gives excellent super smooth clear footage. The

Move over HTC, Ford want to be quietly brilliant.

Modern cars tend to have a lot of sound proofing, especially if you’re driving one of those diesel cars. It’s to reduce engine noise, but despite how nice your tyres might be, there’s still road noise to deal with. Ford have been thinking of new ways to

Nexus 6P camera glass cracking

First it was Bendgate, now it’s Crackgate. More supposed tales of woe to hound the new Nexus 6P flagship. Some users are reporting that the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 panel that sits in front of/protects the camera is spontaneously cracking. It appears that this piece of glass

EasGear Qi Wireless car charger and phone holder review

I’m terrible with the whole car mount / phone holder situation. I get to my car, open the door, then throw my wallet and phone onto the passenger seat. If the phone is lucky, it’ll be plugged in and will perhaps reach the destination without sliding off

mobeego launches a disposable smartphone charger

Throwing things away is, generally, bad. Having a rechargable battery is also better than getting yourself a “normal” one which you’ll end up throwing in the bin. So, it’s with some initial apprehension that I bring you this mobeego charger. It costs $2.50, which is about £1.66,

Pigs can fly – and they’re alcoholic!

If I look deep, deep down into my blackened heart – a heart broken by embargoed information, PR spin and endless emails about Kickstarter campaigns – I’d say that this is just a PR stunt dreamt up by Orchard Pig Cider. I don’t even like cider. I

My smartphone broke! Call an ambulance!

This one was sent to us by Peter. Thanks fella. Don’t forget, you can send in your tips to us right here. To be honest we’re not totally sure if this is a marketing stunt or a real, actual service. It’s a miniature ambulance that comes to

WoWee MiPosaur unboxing

It’s coming up to Christmas – apparently there are only seven weeks left until the day. Because of this, here at Coolsmartphone Towers, we are getting lots of emails about Christmas gifts. This one stuck out for me as it looked pretty cool (I posted a story