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Kingston Digital announces two new versions of MobileLite Wireless

When you think memory card solutions, Kingston Digital will no doubt be on your list. Today, Kingston Digital announce two additions to its Wireless family with MobileLite Wireless G3 and MobileLite Wireless Pro. The MobileLite Wireless G3 provides users an extra power boost whilst out and about with

Zentree – Fixing your cabling nightmare

Yeah. This is me. This is my problem in a nutshell. We have a “place” in our kitchen where we charge the gadgets during the day. In this “place” you’ll find a USB charging station and random cables dangling all over the shop. Then, just to add

A Review of the Kitsound Trail Wireless Earbuds 

Here’s a neat option of those who like to listen their music whilst they exercise; the Trail Sports Wireless Earbuds from KitSound. The Age Old Problem I was cautious when approaching this review as I generally don’t get on well with earbuds, but in for a penny, in for

PK K1 USB 3.0 drive review

Here at Coolsmartphone towers, a number of us use Chromebooks. I’m writing this from my Asus Chromebook Flip, which is a gorgeous device with its flip screen and brushed aluminium body. But the main problem with Chromebook is their lack of internal storage. It’s generally limited to a

ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 month’s battery life revealed.

I have always worn a watch. I have a weakness where watches are concerned. Tie that in with my love of technology and the smartwatch is my perfect device. However, I love the classic watches. There’s just just something about a mechanical time piece.. watch lovers will

iClever FM Transmitter IC-F40 – Review

Imagine the scene. You’re driving along and you put the radio on. You tune around, but every station is either pumping out the same tune or there’s a never-ending barrage of adverts for local window companies and the like. You dig around your CD’s but they’re either

devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Powerline Adaptor – review

Powerline adaptors that allow you to extend your network have been around for a while, and potentially provide the perfect way to extend your network range. When these first launched on the consumer market, I purchased a pair to extend my extremely poor WiFi coverage. My home

Heard it on the grapevine. The Huawei P9, won’t you be mine.

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei (which is the parent company of the Honor brand) continues its stride and for world dominance (in the phone world that it is), with the company’s latest device – the P9. Leaks now contain further detail, including pictures and information on a “Lite”

RHA S500i earbuds – review

These are the S500i earbuds. They’re quite nice actually. Surprisingly nice. My very first foray into using RHA was from the very base version of their earbuds, say about 4 or 5 years back (FYI, they were called MA150’s. To put it in context, they’re no longer

Canary – Smart home security for everyone – Review

Canary is more than a simple surveillance camera for your home. From the very moment you purchase your Canary for £159, you’ll instantly notice the quality. Canary was launched back in July 2013 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. There was clearly a market demand, as within a month

An old CD player that is actually .. oh wait… just that.

Kids now. They don’t know what it’s like to own a record or a CD. They don’t have a proper collection on a shelf. It’s all digital now. Flick through your iPhone and all your music is there, trapped in a digital box. It’s not the same.

Asus Zen Watch now cheap as chips

Yesterday we took a look at the upcoming Bluboo Xwatch, which is due to go on sale for just £69.39. However, for £89.99 you can grab the Asus Zen Smart Watch, which has been reduced over on ebuyer. We featured this first back in 2014 and has

Bluboo Xwatch approaching – Android Wear for not that much at all

We get a lot of random emails. One company in particular has been pretty incessant, and that’s Chinese manufacturer Bluboo. They make phones (like the pretty powerful and good-looking X9 which is a “monster inside and aesthetic outside”) and watches, like their Uwatch. Next month they’ll be

Further smart-locks announced to Noke range

I like to hop on my bike and do some nutty rides when I can. However, when you reach your destination you’ll soon find that your expensive bike can become the target for thieves. A company called Noke have already had experience of creating smart-locks – those

CES 2016 – Samsung want you to be clean.

The smart home is certainly being pushed by Samsung at this year’s CES. Three new products that were announced, AddWash for all their front loading washing machines (I know not a phone!), POWERbot Turbo and POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi. The POWERbot series are robotic vacuums. “Samsung’s focus is on

tado° signs partnership agreement with O2

With Nest and Hive currently dominating the UK Smart Home market, the Smart home climate control company, tado° announced yesterday its new partnerships with AT&T and UK-based O2 in an attempt improve life at home through connectivity. tado° always ensures that your home is pre-warmed before you even step