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Superbook – making your Chromebook redundant since July 2016

We have long been dreaming of the ability to make your Android phone more productive here at Coolsmartphone Towers. Today that dream came a bit closer to reality with a Kickstarter project called SuperBook, from the team behind Andronium OS. Here is a video of what it

Corning announce Gorilla Glass 5

Following on from, (what I always though strangely named) Gorilla Glass 4, Corning has officially announced Gorilla Glass 5. The company states that this latest generation of its strengthened glass will survive up to four times better than competing glass designs.  Corning says that in tests the new Gorilla Glass 5

EE goes half price on Juice

It’s that time of year when every PR agency up and down the land is trying desperately to link their thing with Pokemon Go. Today it’s EE, who are dropping the price of their Juice Power Tube to half price in EE stores as people “continue their

Mini Nintendo!

We keep getting this stock image. I’ve perhaps been looking at it too much. Is that a real hand? Is that a plastic hand? Who knows. It doesn’t look right. It doesn’t look right to me at all. Either way, this is a proper retro gaming gadget

BBC+ app launches

Today the BBC have launched a new app on both IOS and Android, the BBC+ app. Every day the BBC generates massive amounts of content, be it news, TV programmes or the radio shows, and to be honest all this fantastic content is scattered throughout the internet,

Smanos W100 WiFi wireless intruder alarm – Review

In today’s world, pretty much every gadget is connected to the internet. Alarms are no different, and I recently got sent this Wi-Fi enabled Home Security System, from Smanos. Whats In The Box: Upon opening the box I was met with the main control unit. It looks

Cook via your smartphone with some tasty Tefal tech

Cooking. It’s not exactly exciting is it. I mean sure, if you’re Gordon Ramsay and you’ve got pots of money then yeah – exciting. However, for me it usually involves getting the timing all wrong and having an over-cooked chicken next to raw potatoes. Tefal, yes Tefal

A walk-around from MWC Shanghai

My final bit of coverage from MWC Shanghai is a walk around the show halls. The venue itself is nearly purpose built for hosting large scale events, of which MWC Shanghai has ambitions to become one of the bigger events that the Shanghai International New Expo Centre

Filming a concert? Yeah, don’t go mad with that

If you’ve been to Glastonbury or a big concert recently, you’ll have noticed the eagerness of some to capture the moment. Some go to extremes – filming entire songs and suppressing their own enjoyment so that they can hold their precious phone stock-steady instead. It can look

EE TV – On test

The boys from BT.. sorry, EE.. sent me one of their clever TV boxes recently. You can’t just go out and buy one of these things, you have to have an EE Broadband package too. There’s full details here. You basically plug this into your rooftop aerial

Controlling my home from my phone

We’ve seen a number of companies approaching us lately who want us to promote their smart gadgets. A lot of these gadgets now relate to the “Internet of Things” or a “Smart Home”. Whilst they’re all great, you can find that they’re a little disjointed – using

Lumsing Quick Charge 2.0 USB Desktop Charger offer ending soon

Today, as you’ll know from our earlier news item, is Amazon Prime Day. There’s deals a-plenty over there and we’ve already detailed a number of them. In addition, we’ve got to let you know that our deal on the Lumsing 5-port desktop charger that we reviewed last

Get on your back. Let me put this on your face.

Where do I start with this one? The picture alone is enough to give you an idea of the madness. It’s a “Cardboard Home Cinema” and, because it’s not the actual size of a real cinema, you basically lie on the floor and stare at your phone.

Amazon Prime Day is today

Amazon Prime Day, the day of deals exclusively for members of Amazon Prime, is today. Amazon Prime already gives you great benefits, like Amazon Prime Music streaming service, Amazon Instant Video with quite a selection of movies and TV shows as well as free next day delivery

Curve, One Card To Rule Them All – Review

If you carry more than one payment card, you need Curve. Curve combines all your cards into a single card controlled with an app on your smartphone. The London based team behind Curve wanted to transform the way we manage and spend our money and set up

Tesla self-drive car involved in fatal accident

Whilst the likes of Google are testing out fully automated vehicles, there’s a selection of cars out on the road now that’ll add a certain degree of “self driving” tech. Normally, the system works on major highways / motorways and, by taking note of the lane markers

666 is the Legacy of the Beast!

For those lucky few who caught our live broadcast last week, you will know we have had a copy of Legacy of the Beast. This is a game dedicated to the British music legends, Iron Maiden. The game celebrates every single album by taking you through worlds based

Note 7 Iris scanner rumour looks more promising

According to the inter-web rumours, the next iteration of the Note series the Note 6…sorry the Note 7 (I don’t know either), is rumoured to have an iris scanner.  Now it appears that this latest rumour may have a bit more substance,m and good old leaker @onleaks (who has

Cash machine skimmer found on video

Bit weird this. It’s perhaps not something I’d film, but Benjamin Tedesco managed to find something a bit weird on a cash machine whilst on holiday in Vienna. He was filming, in portrait for some reason, and then decided to film himself going to the ATM. I