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WiFi coverage problems? Try this Wireless Range Extender

Do you have a really big house and experience coverage problems from your WiFi unit? Well, invite me round. I’ll quite happily drink your beer and then fall asleep in one of your many bedrooms. You big show-off. If you’d rather not be out of range (and

aLLreLi Dual Port USB Travel Charger – Review

Boosting your battery back up is a daily task. Here we have a charger from aLLreLi. It’s ideal for travellers as there’s a stack of slot-in interchangeable plugs in the box. Here in the UK I’m obviously using the UK adapter, but you get the EU plug,

Yale smart locks let you secure your home from your phone

Locking your house is something you still do with a key. However, when you’re locking your car you’ll probably zap it with a clever fob. Why, then, don’t we have something similar for our homes? Yale, those people who’ve been making locks and keys for quite some

Control your lights with Playbulb Bluetooth controlled lighting

The ability to remotely control the various gadgets in your home is becoming commonplace. From controlling your DVR from the other side of the world, to perhaps setting your heating to automatically come on when you leave work – there doesn’t seem to be much you can’t control from your smartphone.

Suaoki 7.2A 36W 3 port USB car charger – Review

Some of the items we get to review area quite complicated. They need research and a fairly wordy write-up. This, on the other hand, not so much. The Suaoki car charger is everything you’d expect it to be out of the box. It’s portable, easy to use

Lumsing 4 port USB wall charger & 10400mah powerbank reviews

4 port USB wall charger. My night time ritual goes something like this.. Put the cat out Lock the doors Make sure all the windows are closed Walk around the house looking like Mr T from the A-Team with a multitude of charger leads and plugs round

Quick Charge 3 from Qualcomm

Processor manufacturer Qualcomm has announced the latest version of its Quick charge system, now imaginatively named “Quick Charge 3.0”. It’ll debut on the Snapdragon 820 chipset next year and will then roll out to the Snapdragon 620, 618, 617 and 430 platforms. Quick Charge 3.0 will allow compatible

Trendz fashion mobile accessories – Reviewed

Technology doesn’t have to be be dull, in fact it can become a fashionable accessory to your life, a little extension of your personality or just great to look at. A great example of a company trying to inject a little style into a our technology packed

Super solar smartphone spark solution

We’ve all seen those portable chargers. You boost them up from your wall charger, put them in your pocket and then you can transfer the charge to your smartphone to keep those much-needed tweets and Facebook updates rolling in. However, if you stick a solar charger onto

McFlip – World’s first reversible Micro USB – On test

Type C USB cables are a way off from being common and a very long way from being ubiquitous. But the idea, blazing USB 3 speeds with a plug that is reversible – sounds awesome. The McFlip takes you half-way there and, more importantly, it’s available now and uses

Protect your iPhone, try a Jimmy Case

I was stood underneath those big information boards at Euston train station last week and, judging by the people sitting on the floor around me, it’s fair to say that people break their iPhones quite a bit and then keep on using them. The latest iPhone handset,

The Monoshot… for improved smartphone photos/video.

I would say with some conviction that mobile phone photography is now a recognised sector of the photography world (have a look at the mobile specific groups on Flickr for example). As the quality of cameras improved in our mobile devices, the creative folk amongst us produce

Protect your Crown Jewels with these super-pants!

We’ve all heard about wearable tech. It usually means a fitness tracker or a smartwatch perhaps, but today I’d like to introduce you to a pair of underpants. Yes, pants. Sir Richard Branson describes them as “underpants for superheroes” and these “Wirelesss Armour” ones have been invented

Etymotic HF3 headphones – Review.

I am going to start this by getting something out of the way. I’m not an audiophile in any way at all. I like my music for when I am working as a background thing, but that’s about it. I do however watch a lot of media

Seek Thermal Camera – Review

Well now, this is jolly clever isn’t it? A little gadget that simply plugs into the bottom of your Android phone or iPhone handset and literally lets you see heat. You’ve probably seen something similar on a sci-fi movie like Predator. It lets you see what’s hot,

Get the Apple Watch look for less than £25

You want a smartwatch, but you don’t want to pay a fortune. Perhaps you want to see if this whole smartwatch businesses is for you? Well, this could be just what you need. OK, perhaps not need necessarily, but it could be something to spend a few

Garmin HUD+ going cheap

Ooo, we do love a bargain don’t we? These things used to be proper expensive, but now you can pick up this Garmin HUD+for just £29.99 down at your local Maplin. It’s also available online with free delivery. It sits on your dashboard and projects turn-by-turn directions

Ever wondered how much a 128GB microSD card would be?

I’ll admit to not really needing a 128GB microSD card. I steam a lot of music and tend to back up, but if you’re looking to save some of those “off-site backups” of movies or MP3s, this is probably your thing. Cost? £39.99, £7 off. Transfer speed?

Rock Dr V Protective Case for iPhone 6 Plus – Review

There are a million and one phone cases out there, so it’s always nice to review one that is slightly out of the ordinary.  The Rock Dr V Protective Case offers something different, I’m just not convinced what the point is.  What is novel I hear you