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iWalk Backup Charger Review

I’m not usually one to run out of power on my mobile device. At work I have access to a multitude of chargers all day. I also tend to get about 1 1/2 to 2 days out of my phone and more from my tablets. However, as

Clear-Coat UK protection review.

Screen protection. You either love it or you hate it. Unfortunately, with the current screen technology that exists, it is a necessary evil. There’s a vast array of options out there right now that’ll protect your screen but these offerings vary vastly in quality and price. Clear-Coat

iGuy iPad Mini case review

Do you have a young child? Does you heart jump into your mouth when those grubby little hands reach out and grab you iPad? If the answer to either question is yes then you need to keep reading. The iGuy case from Speck comes in iPad mini

Retro Touch Speaker Review

At the end of the day your phone probably ends up on the floor by your bed. I usually turn mine off, but it’s always on charge overnight. As it’s off, I usually use a separate alarm clock to wake me from my beauty sleep, but this

Let me take a Selfie

Yes, that great song of our time, “Selfie”, has got us saying “Selfie” quite a bit. The camera on the front of a phone is no longer a “front facing camera”, it’s a “selfie cam”. Personally I think the lyrics are deep and meaningful, especially the following..

Spaced360 – Tickling your audio sweet spot

A £250 Bluetooth speaker? That’s going to have to be good. The makers of the Spaced360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker say that it’s “meticulously engineered to deliver mind-blowing, spine-tingling sound” and it certainly looks the part.. To be honest I was getting a bit lost when I was

SuperTooth D4 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Meet the SuperTooth D4. It’s a stereo Bluetooth speaker that pairs with your phone to basically pump out those tunes a lot better than your phone speaker ever could. I’ll be honest and admit that I’ve ever heard of SuperTooth, but they’ve already made the “Disco Twin”

Charge 4 USB devices for just £5

Get yourself down to B&M Stores if you’re after this rather useful gadget. Depending on how you use it, it’ll kick out a variety of amps. If you plug just one device in then you’ll get 2 amps. Two devices will receive 1 amp each and, if

Cheap microSD card – a 32GB bargain.

It’s not a Class 10, but here’s the good point – it only costs £10.50 with the delivery chucked in. For a 32GB microSD card with transfer speeds up to 24 MB/s, you can get yourself oodles of storage for really-not-that-much cash. No adapter on this one,

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit in stock @ Mobilefun

Those readers out there who are into wearables have a reason to be happy this morning as Mobilefun have just a released info that they are carrying stock of the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. With the Gear 2 Neo coming in @£199.99 and the

Xiaomi MiKey

Today Hugo Barra has taken to the social networks to talk about a new ‘shortcut button’ they have developed at Xiaomi. He is asking for a name for the little device, but for now we’ll refer to it as the MiKey. This little button slots into the

Splash ! Ahhaaa! It’s a Bluetooth speaker

Whilst that was quite possibly the worst title for a review I could’ve come up with, the product itself is much better. First up, let’s have a look at the key selling points on this Bluetooth Splash Speaker. It’s available from Gizoo for £34.95 and, as the

Xperia Z2 Tablet dock unboxing

Wireless charging is the in thing right now and when Sony released the Xperia Z2 and the Z2 Tablets they also rolled out a respective charging dock. Here we have the tablet version. It is fairly simple design with a slot for the tablet to fit into

Monitor your car from your phone with Carlock

I’m sure there’s some of you out there who know exactly where the diagnostic port on your car is. That OBD connector might’ve been used by yourself with one of those cables you bought off eBay (and that “iffy software” that “fell off the internet”) or the

Three launch 4G dongle

Three have today announced a 4G dongle for their UK network which is their first to support the LTE technology. £19.99 a month will get you a generous 15GB allowance with an up front cost of £34.99. Nor only that but PAYG is covered too, with pricing

Planning on buying an S5? Have a nose at these

Samsung are trying to grab a bit of the HTC spotlight today by announcing a range of rather nice accessories for the new Galaxy S5. The handset itself will be available to buy on April 11th, so it looks like the new HTC One will be getting

A smartphone projector on the cheap

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is quite a cool phone. It’s got a built-in projector so you can project your favourite football match, TV show or movie onto the wall. However, if you want that functionality you’re going to have to switch phones, and that’s a whole expensive

Pebble Steel – Review

The original Pebble was one of the first SmartWatches that actually got my attention, up until then SmartWatches were just trying far too hard. With devices like the Sony Liveview being flawed by horrific software and driver issues. What Pebble were offering seemed to fit a lot

Ravpower Lister Series Power Bank RP-PB08 – Review

The Ravpower RP-PB08 is a small portable battery backup pack for charging phones when away from mains sockets. I carried one with me for a week to see how it performed with a variety of phones, and these are my findings. Good Points Size Charge level indicator

The Garmin VivoFit is now available exclusively at John Lewis

I just don’t get exclusivity deals, in my eyes it only benefits the manufacturer and the retailer, not the consumer and the Garmin VivoFit fitness band is one such tie up. With it being available exclusively at John Lewis. The NEW Garmin vívofit is the only fitness