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My Kronoz smartwatch – A cheaper alternative

It’s not quite the full-on Android Wear watch you’d expect, but it is somewhere quite close. This, the Kronz watch, will let you take and reject calls from your smartphone and it’ll also alert you when your phone is out of range so that you don’t forget

Want a Ninja in your wallet? Check this out

Beer. Great isn’t it? Especially in this weather. Lovely, lovely beer. However, if I do ever manage to get a bottle into our house undetected I usually end up on a long hunt for the bottle opener. The same thing happens if we’re out camping, and it’s

Harness the power of the sun via your smartphone

The press release on this one starts off with quite a positive vibe… In case you hadn’t heard, it’s currently hotter than Barbados outside Well, yes. According to the news this morning it is, but I’d still rather be in Barbados. Never mind though, you’ve got my

Inateck 4 port USB Desktop Charger – Review

My night time ritual goes something like this, put the cat out lock the doors make sure all the windows are closed and then walk around the house looking like Mr T from the A-Team with a multitude of charger leads and plugs round my neck, as

LG G3 QuickCircle Snap-on case now available

You read our LG G3 review, right? If you liked it, bought one, want to keep it in good condition and you’re looking for a case, give this a whirl. The highly sought after official QuickCircle Snap-on case has arrived at Mobile Fun this morning and this

A big-screen solution for any smartphone

Smartphones are great, no argument there, but there’s a bit of a problem. Most people like a phones with a screen between 4″ and 4.7″, then you’re edging into phablet and then tablet territory. Devices of this size are great too, but you end up with a

Screw this in, make a noise and light up your life

Ask any Coolsmartphone reader and they’ll tell you that they love playing with their bulbs. Fiddling with them until they go a funny colour is a particularly popular pastime, so MIPOW have created this, the “PLAYBULB”. Ta-daaarrr!!!! For £59.99 you get more than just a light bulb.

Blacksmith Labs leather case review

A little while back I was emailed asking if I would like to review a leather case for a company. My initial reaction was a bit “Meh”, but then I got sent pictures and I suddenly changed my tune. I jumped at the chance. The Blacksmith Labs cases are

New clip-on Bluetooth speaker from JBL

In case you’re wondering, these are definitely made by JBL and they shouldn’t be confused with the perils at JML who make mops and strange foot massage things … Further details below, or get it next month from Currys, John Lewis, Amazon UK and the JBL website.

Megalo Mini hits target, mini charger going into production soon

No! Must resist the urge to mention another Kickstarter campaign! Oh wait, this one has already been featured here and they’ve now reached and breached the funding goal, so it’ll be in production and you should be seeing it soon. The Megalo Mini is basically a tiny

Gunnar Optics Glasses review

I know what you are thinking. I have clearly lost my marbles. Maybe you’re right, but not with regard to this review. The reason I found these interesting is that I work in front of a computer screen all day, and I regularly end up with pretty

Cheap physical button for your audio hole

Just a few days ago we published our look at Pressy. It is, if you’ve not spotted our updates, a button which sits in your 3.5mm audio jack and lets you quickly access apps or functions on your phone. Now, how about getting one that’s almost the

Google Cardboard – The cheap virtual reality headset

Remember our review of the Luckies Smartphone Projector ? It’s a rather clever cardboard construction which will send the image from your smartphone screen over to a wall or another flat surface. On the whole it worked jolly well and you can see our review here. However,

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker – Review

Wearables are very much the “in thing” at present. It is pretty much a free-for-all as to what they do and what their purpose should be. This is pretty interesting state of affairs because, due to the fact that everyone is having a shot at wearables, it

Pressy the Android Button – app and hardware review

Pressy, the Almighty Android Button, is a great example of a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was one of those simple ideas that really caught peoples imagination and the aimed for project goal of $40,000 was obliterated!  On the close date of 14th October 2013 the total raised

Waterproof headphones ODOYO that really are waterproof

I know what you need. Waterproof earphones, that’s what you need. I’ve lost count of the times that my in-ear buds have got wet and broken… …errr… OK so that’s never happened, but if you’ve hankering for a pair, these ODOYO EP900i earphones are available for £25

Huawei TalkBand B1 puts an interesting spin wearable tech

The Huawei TalkBand B1 got a showing during Mobile World Congress this year. It’s both thin and light with a 0.3mm-thick OLED screen on top which lets you keep in touch with “your daily life”. A quick 2-hour charge will keep the device going for an impressive

Get yourself a free Chromecast

Now, as is usual in our wonderful consumer society, you’re not getting the free Google TV dongle without at least buying something else first. The deal is by waiku and no, we’ve not heard of them either. They’re an online video service and, provided you buy one

Rugged rukus – Solar powered Bluetooth music

A Bluetooth speaker powered by the sun? That sounds pretty cool. The makers tell us that 5 hours of sunshine will keep the battery going for 8 hours too, so when the sun goes down you can still listen to that classic Rick Astley tune. OK, at

Garmin Vivofit unboxing

What do we have here then? A wearable that doesn’t need to be charged everyday? Is that possible ? I have been really excited to get this gadget. This, for me, is where wearables become useful. The big thing that holds them back is the fact that

The clip-on USB cable, now available

Remember those tiny USB connection cables from Nomad? They’re now adding to their range and have just launched this, the NomadClip It’s the size and shape of a carabiner. Yes, a carabiner. I had to look it up, but it’s basically one of those clip things you’ll

What’s on the end of your stick? Oh, it’s your phone.

Yes, you really are seeing this. That “joke picture” circling around the internet featuring a guy holding his phone on the end of a stick is an actual product. It’s called the Me-Shot Deluxe and, to be fair, is a bit more than just a big stick.

A meeting destined to shape our future?

This evening I am having a meeting. This meeting will be taking place in a bar. Some drinks will be drunk and words will be exchanged. It sounds quite dull and mundane. However, the meeting is with a very interesting chap by the name of James Hepburn.

Meze 11 Deco Headphones review

Headphones are ten a penny. Getting the right ones is a tricky task and sometimes you’ll either need a software equalizer or that rather clever Beats technology to make the sound better. These headphones, Meze, are made from handcrafted beech wood. This, according to the makers, produces