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Reviveaphone Kit Review

That moment where you drop your prized possession into the toilet, bath or sink (really any receptacle that holds water) is cringe inducing. This phone, the one you have been coveting for nearly a year and have spent the best part of your wage check to buy

HTC RE – Review

Here it is then, the magical camera without a viewfinder. Well, not an on-board one at least. Strange thoughts went through my head when I unboxed this. Could I cope without having an onboard viewfinder or some sort of screen to show me instantly what my photo

Reviveaphone Splash Review

Have you ever caught yourself trying to hide out of the rain so that you can check something on your mobile? Don’t worry, we have all been there and if you are not lucky enough to own a flagship from Sony, Samsung or indeed Motorola then you

Arcana headphones now down in price

Remember our review of the Arcana V2 headphones ? They’re from Rock Jaw in Derbyshire and we loved them. At the time they were £39.99 but we’ve just spotted that the price has now dipped to a cool £29.99. So if you’re looking for a nice set

EnerPlex Packr Unpacked

I needed a new pack for Mobile World Congress. One that was going to hold a lot of gear. I started looking around online and, after a while, I came across a company called EnerPlex. They are an American company who make charging solutions for mobile devices

Boombox iMusic Pillow review

Remember that Boombox iMusic Pillow? We mentioned it last week and we love things like this. For a start it’s not like we’re talking about £600-worth of smartphone that needs to be fully explained in a 2000-word review. Oh no, this is a pillow with speakers in.

Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio Review

The Question: How do you make a lightweight and portable tablet productive? Well apart from adding the appropriate software like MS Office or Google Docs, the other way is to add a keyboard case/dock. That is exactly what I have done with the Nexus 9; I have

Kinivo BTE40 Stereo Bluetooth headphones review

You’ve got your favourite headphones and you don’t want to get rid of them. I understand that. However, you don’t want to constantly be shackled to your smartphone or tablet. It’s a pain isn’t it? Especially if you have a tablet or a phablet. Those things are

Arctic P614BT Bluetooth Headphones – Review

Headphones or earphones, which are best? Surely that’s one of the big unresolved questions in modern day life, I for one can’t decide which to go with and because of that I have piles of headphones and earphones at home. I’ve been hankering after a pair of

Waytools Textblade the multitouch keyboard goes on sale

This popped into my mailbox yesterday evening and I was instantly intrigued by it, as surely a small keyboard could not actually be productive. So I dug a bit deeper and then discovered that this board will use multi-touch in its 8 keys. Yep you read that

Rock Jaw Alfa Genius headphones – Reviewed

Headphones, we get a lot of them to review and we’ve had a couple sent in by Rock Jaw already. Here’s our look at the Arcana and the Hydra headphones. These Alfa Genius ones though, are quite different to any you’ve ever seen before because you can…

Lie on top of us. We want to be in your dreams.

Now that, my friends, wins our “weirdest title of the year award”. Honestly, it’s proper click-bait. We’d like to tell you about this pillow we’ve found.. Inside there’s two hidden speakers and an amplifier. Plug your device in via the 3.5mm audio cable and, boom. You’ve got

Encase Flexishield for Nexus 6

It’s case review time again. Now that I have got myself a shiny new Nexus 6 it would be silly not to keep it in a case and protect the phone in some way shape or form. This is where the Encase Flexisheild comes in. The case

CES – Nest adds more connections to “Works With” list

Remember our Nest review ? Of course you do, it was the one with the Ford Cortina, which all good reviews should include. Anyhow, there’s more innovations and gadgets getting added to the “Works with..” list of internet-connected devices that’ll work with your Nest thermostat. A sneak

CES – HTC RE adds live YouTube streaming

If you’ve got yourself the innovative new RE camera from HTC (which is detailed here) then listen up. You can, after an update to the RE app tomorrow, live-streaming video from the camera to YouTube. The update will be on the Google Play store tomorrow and will

CES – Triby – A kitchen noticeboard and more

I’m on the fence with this one, so I’d love to know your thoughts. Called the “Triby” it’s a Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth speakerphone, notification system, internet radio and communication system. It’ll stick via a magnet to your fridge and then lets you make calls or play music.

Properly crank up the tunes with a headphone amp from Lindy

That notification that pops up when you tweak the volume on your smartphone is proper annoying isn’t it? You know the one, it basically says… “Hey, even though we’ve designed this phone to go up to a certain volume, if you do turn it up to that

Anker 25W 5-Port USB charger on offer

You may remember us reviewing the 40 watt version of this earlier this year. Now the 25 watt version is discounted. Both basically present 5 USB ports for charging. You can then plug your phone, tablet, iPad, Bluetooth speaker and anything else that charges from USB into