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MWC – Lenovo Pocket projector hands on

On Sunday we announced that Lenovo were launching a Pocket Projector. I wasn’t overly enthused about it, if I am going to be totally honest with you. However that has changed now that I have had a chance to get some hands on time with one of

MWC – Lacking an IR blaster? Get this.

Some of you are lucky enough to have an IR blaster in your phone. You’re lucky enough to be able to control your TV, stereo and more – direct from your phone. It’s a neat trick, if you’ve got the necessary hardware. What if you haven’t? Last

MWC – Slimport demo the Nano Console

The other day I attended an event where Slimport were in attendance, Slimport are the company who make your Micro USB port if you own an Nexus 5, LG G2, LG G3 or LG G Pad 8.3. Slimport is an alternative to MHL, but Slimport has taken

MWC – Elliptic Labs. Ready to be the next big thing

When you arrive home from Mobile World Congress people tend to ask the same question. What impressed you most? What’s the next big thing? It’s always a tricky one, but last year there was one definite winner for me – Elliptic Labs. I actually used the words

MWC – Huawei Launches new range of wearables. UPDATE

That is the Huawei event now done and they have not released a new phone today, but they have released a whole raft of wearable’s including the leaked Huawei Watch. But we will come back to that later first up is the Talkband B2. This is an

KnowRoaming on test – Cut your roaming costs dramatically

Picture the scene. You’re about to go abroad. You’ve got your passport, you’ve booked the hotel and the flight. What about your phone? Unless you’re lucky enough to be using a network like Three and going to one of the countries in their Feel At Home plan,

Pebble Time launches on Kickstarter

Today was a big day for Pebble. Just in case you have been living under a rock and dont know who Pebble are, they made the first truly usable Smartwatch that could work on both iOS and Android. That one was also funded through a Kickstarter project

Kitvision Escape Action Camera Review.

Right let start with talking about the elephant in the room, the Kitvision Escape HD5W action camera, that I have been sent through to review, is the spitting image of the current class leader, but I’m not going to go pro there. Now that’s done…… The action camera

Pebble for Android gets actionable notifications

Pebble have been playing catchup to Android Wear this year, with the latter offering more features. Festive such as actionable notifications, whereby you get an email and you can delete it from your watch. It was the one feature that kept me using Android Wear. During the

Avantek 4-Port USB Charger Review

It’s a problem I’ve battled for many years now and still haven’t really resolved. Cables, everywhere. Not only that, but I seem to have chargers everywhere too, and they’re all plugged in – all the time. There’s one in the bedroom, one in the lounge and a

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard – Review

The Bluetooth keyboard market has taken off recently, with an influx of affordable Android and Windows tablets, along with the annual iterative updated iPads. Most people I know have a tablet of some sorts. Heck I even now one guy who asked me to fix his “Nexus”

LG VR for G3 brings 3D 2U for free

A short while ago I put together my ultra-cheap Google Cardboard headset. It’s something you construct yourself, pop on your head and then, using the Google app, you can step into a 3D world. Now, if you’ve got an LG G3 handset, you’ll be getting one free.

Atongm W008 Smartwatch – Not reviewed

Here’s another gadget I found whilst browsing some random Chinese gadget suppliers. It’s a smartwatch, but not just the usual type that hooks into your smartphone via Bluetooth. No, this one actually has a SIM card and microSD inside so you can make and receive calls on

Mount your iPad or tablet on your fridge

We’ve seen many iPad mounts over the years but having one that sticks onto your fridge? That’s a new one on us. This is the FridgePad 2 and will convert your fridge (or, I guess, washing machine, tumble dryer or dish-washer) into a “smart appliance” by magically

Charge without a charger

As the man of the household, whatever I say goes. I wear the trousers and I make the decisions… errr..when the wife isn’t there of course. So, with my endless chargers scattered around the kitchen and in the bedroom, I do get “reminded” that they’re messy and

Reviveaphone Kit Review

That moment where you drop your prized possession into the toilet, bath or sink (really any receptacle that holds water) is cringe inducing. This phone, the one you have been coveting for nearly a year and have spent the best part of your wage check to buy

HTC RE – Review

Here it is then, the magical camera without a viewfinder. Well, not an on-board one at least. Strange thoughts went through my head when I unboxed this. Could I cope without having an onboard viewfinder or some sort of screen to show me instantly what my photo

Reviveaphone Splash Review

Have you ever caught yourself trying to hide out of the rain so that you can check something on your mobile? Don’t worry, we have all been there and if you are not lucky enough to own a flagship from Sony, Samsung or indeed Motorola then you

Arcana headphones now down in price

Remember our review of the Arcana V2 headphones ? They’re from Rock Jaw in Derbyshire and we loved them. At the time they were £39.99 but we’ve just spotted that the price has now dipped to a cool £29.99. So if you’re looking for a nice set