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SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD memory card, cheap price

Morning Sunday people! Rakuten, the site that used to be called, which was really easy-to-remember and obvious but has now changed into a confusing name that nobody can pronounce properly, have got a deal on. In short it’s a SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card that operates

Inateck 4-port Rapid Car Charger – Review

Car journeys with my family usually follow the same pattern. It goes something like this… Dad can I watch my iPad? Yes son. Dad! The battery’s flat! OK, use the iPad mini then. Dad! The iPad mini is flat! Ok, use mums phone. Dad! Mums phone is flat!

KitSound Upstage – Review

Let’s face it, your smartphone has got a proper weedy speaker. It’s not going to fill a room and, despite what the “yoof” think, walking around the streets with your phone playing tunes at full volume is nothing when compared to the classic ghetto blaster. When you’re

Get a personal coach in your pocket

Cross-training? Out for a run? What you need is a bit of encouragement. Something that’ll make you break out into a sweat. You need to get worn out, and quick. You need to go harder and faster. You need to build your stamina. So how’s about…. Yes,

Enhance your stick, strap a microphone onto it.

We get SO MANY Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns here at Coolsmartphone. If you want to invest in something, I’d personally suggest having a dabble on the Coolsmartphone competition. You could win a phone ! Anyhow, this is a selfie stick with a microphone on one end. I

MONTAR 360 degree car mount – Review

I’ll admit to jumping in my car and generally throwing my phone onto the passenger seat. There it’ll be, sliding around and then falling off the side of the seat as I go around a corner. After I arrive at my destination I then get to play

Lynktec 360 degree Tablet Kickstand – Review

This thing is pretty straightforward really. It sticks onto the back of any tablet and gives you a kickstand. Not only that, but it’ll rotate around by 360 degrees so you can set it up just how you want. It sticks on using special microsuction technology. Sure,

The EE Power Bars return

If you’re on a train, on a bus or simply walking around town then you’ll know that looking down and spotting a “5% charge remaining” on your smartphone means that it’s time to panic. EE were previously handing out mobile chargers, which they called Power Bars. They

Kitvision Splash Waterproof Action Camera – Review

A GoPro camera might be found on the helmet of a cyclist near you but, if we’re honest, these things are quite expensive. This is an alternative – the Kitvision Splash. The price is £69.99 (RRP), but you can get it for less than that on Amazon.

Touchjet Pond Projector – Review

A projector running Android, surely that is the perfect device for use in the boardroom or the meeting rooms across the globe. When I heard about the Touchjet Pond I was rather intrigued, a projector that turns the surface you’re projecting onto into a large touchscreen, just

Nuisance callers on your home phone? Give this thing a try

Apparently I had a car accident a couple of years ago and £3000 has already been put aside for me. “That’s pretty good..”, I replied as the cold-caller waited for my response, “..especially when you’re obviously making all this up and I’ve not had an accident for

Spy Pen – Review

I used to review phones. Then I guess people saw those reviews and thought “hey, let’s send him some other stuff to review”. Now I’ve got a pen with a secret camera in it. Why you’d want one of these is a question for you. Perhaps you

EE announces 4G action camera

Not content with mobile phones, home broadband, mobile broadband and in-car WiFi devices, EE is now branching out into action cameras with the 4GEE action camera. The EE connected strategy focuses on 4 main areas: home; you; car and business. The new action camera is part of

How about a 512GB micro SD card?

Rumoured for a July release, California-based company Microdia announced plans to launch The Microdia Xtra Elite microSD card. It’s the biggest yet at a whopping 512GB, and was announced at the Computex 2015 show (but strangely no working versions were displayed. In that case, keep ’em peeled for

Review of the EnerPlex Kickr II+ Rugged Solar Charger

Last summer I camped for the first time in years.  It was fun but it got me thinking about going back to basics.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t comprehend leaving my phone aside for anything more than a few hours.  Of course we are

Insane? Money no object? No taste? Get yourself a 3D selfie!

For a moment early this morning I honestly thought I’d dreamt this. Perhaps it was part of a drunken vision. No. Wait… it’s a real thing. Oh dear me. Where do I start with this? Well, let’s say you’ve just taken a really good selfie and you

Learning to print the perfect picture

My main concerns, when snapping photos on my phone, is whether the photo is going to be backed up and just where it’ll be backed up to. Usually I store everything on an ever-filling storage card as I snap pictures randomly through the day. Those pictures, for