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The hidden iPhone 7 3.5mm audio port – How to find it

It’s now time for another article about someone doing something stupid to a brand new iPhone 7. They’re hoping that they’ll get enough YouTube clicks so that they can get enough revenue to replace the phone that they’re just about to break. I know… this whole internet

Rainbow Wrap Earbuds – Review

Well, these earbuds are certainly the most colourful earbuds I have tested so far. Leigh had another version earlier in Summer to play with. The new Rainbow edition is a limited edition of the Wraps series of earbuds. The Rainbow edition will match the specifications of the

Noreve Saint-Tropez Case – Review

I’ll come right out and say it, I have a problem! My problem is phone cases; no matter which device I’m using I always end up purchasing a multitude of cases, in the various styles, slip, rugged, flip, TPU and so on. It just seems that putting my

Emotionally Responsive Gaming – What’s that then?

Gaming is having to push new boundaries to find untapped potential, the latest consoles give us incredible visuals, the Wii gave us physical interaction, Pokemon Go took gaming our into the wild, and VR brought the wild to us.  The latest gaming technology brought to my attention

Turn your mobile phone into a desk phone – the NVX 200

I tell you what you need. You need a desk phone that plugs into your smartphone somehow. Perhaps one that let’s you use those traditional numeric keys to make a call and a normal corded headset too. Sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it? Well, look at it

devolo dLAN 550 Starter Kit – Review

Back in January, Leigh reviewed devolo’s dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Powerline adapter and now I got the chance to review the 550 starter pack. The dLAN 500 WiFi is an upgrade of devolo’s current mid-high range offering, the dLAN 500 WiFi. While continuing to offer Powerline transmission speeds

Adaptable Universal Docking Station from udoq

When I read the press release for this Kickstarter campaign for udoq it was hard to get excited about a docking station. However, I was impressed (from the video at least) of the build quality and it didn’t look like just another Chinese plastic stand. The docking station is

iPhone got your FLAVR?

Another set of new cases! FLAVR, by STRAX GmbH, launched a brand new range yesterday of “hot, bold and eclectic” (according to the press release!) phones cases for iPhone 5/5SE, 6/6S, 7, 7 Plus and Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The new cases will be available for £9.99

Dog & Bone releases cases for the iPhone 7 surfer

I love the Dog & Bone brand, there is something stereotypically Austrailian about them and their products. We have covered their products before and typically aimed at the adventurous person, in particular, a surfer person (dude or dudette!). Splash44 case This sleek and fashionable case features a military

So, you want to listen to music AND charge your iPhone 7?

I pointed it out after the announcement but, if I’m being honest, it’s not going to be a massive deal-breaker for most iPhone owners. See, I can understand to some degree because Apple give you just a single USB-C port in the MacBook Pro. It looks neat,

Cygnett debuts iPhone 7 cases and accessories

Cygnett wasted no time in their press releases: As soon as the new iPhone 7 was announced, they followed up with their new cases range. “We’ve created a line of cases that perfectly compliment Apple’s latest products in design and versatility while still providing the highest quality

X-Doria’s new protective range of cases for the iPhone 7

Hot on the tails of Cygnett are X-Doria, but this time, they are concentrating on the protective element of the iPhone 7 series, which according to another article about the Jet-Black series – this case will be a life saver! (Not literally!) Defense Gear is a full

EE update “Add to Plan” accessory offering

If, for example, a phone was to be released that would make it slightly more difficult to use wired headphones, you might want to consider Bluetooth ones. Trouble is, some of these can be a bit pricey. Also, even if you want a good set of wired

LockSmart and LockSmart Mini – Review

Back in March at Gadget Show live, I met up with the guys from Dog & Bone, who had an array of convenient accessories for those who like adventure and technology. Well, the lovely people at Dog & Bone sent us two of their Bluetooth locks, namely

aLLreLi USB Voice Recorder – Review

Out of the box this looks no different to any other USB stick. It’s got a little cap on to cover the USB port itself and there’s a very tiny switch on the other end. Turn it on and it’ll start recording. Turn it off and it’ll

iKlips DUO+ helps expand your iPhone storage

We’ve got something similar on test at the moment, but this is the new iKlips DUO+. Coming soon, it’s basically a flash drive for your iPhone. On one end, a Lightning connector, and at the other a USB. You plug it into the bottom of your phone,

TETDED Opulent Lifestyle – Mockodile!

We know the majority of Coolsmartphone readers have excellent taste and are fashion trend setters. One of the things that guarantees you will get invited to a press conference to give a 20 minute presentation on how to take selfies is also having the best cases for

IFA Berlin 2016 – A Chat With Stil – Mockodile FTW!

Today at IFA in Berlin I had a chat with Stil, makers of premium fashion cases for smartphones. There is  event Stil Mockodile cases. Here at we look after our devices, and where possible want a premium case to remind everyone that we are masters of