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Show Posts in adds totally free music to his new dial watch

Want music but don’t want to pay for it? If you get a dial watch from Three then that’s exactly what you can get. Now, before we start, be prepared for some names and references that musical mad-man has made up. The “dial” watch, from “”

Get yourself a new iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

As you’ll no doubt be aware by now, I’m terrible at organising my photos and videos. I’ve got the Meem cable to backup my stuff when I’m charging, but what if you want to have a flash drive on my iPhone instead? SanDisk have the answer people.

Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker – All-new Go + Play coming soon

Bluetooth speakers are available everywhere, but Bluetooth speakers that actually sound good? There’s not so many of those. Harman Kardon has tweaked their Go + Play speaker, with quad-drivers and “room-filling sound”. You connect to it like all other Bluetooth speakers, but then the Harman Kardon audio

Choetech 3 port charger with Type C – Review

  The thing with new types of power standards and connectors is that you soon realise you need more than one charger, because all your old ones don’t fit your new phone or tablet. This is exactly the case with the switchover to USB type C socket for

OnePlus having a spring sale

Here at Coolsmartphone Towers we love a good bargain or two, and we have just had this land across our desk. If you an owner of a OnePlus device be it a OnePlus One, Two or X, head over to the OnePlus store. There’s discounts to be

Pebble Smartwatches down in price today

Fancy yourself a rather cool Pebble smartwatch? The entire range appears to have had a price cut today over on Amazon, where the Pebble Steel is down to £104.99 with a £4.09 delivery charge and the Pebble Time is down to £169.99. There’s other choices too, including

Annke SP3 960P HD Wireless IP Camera – Review

We’ve head quite a few security cameras cropping up here at Coolsmartphone. This one is from Annke and you can control and move it from anywhere via your smartphone. First up, the plus points. Although you’ll spot an ethernet port on this, it connects very easily via

Syllable D700 Bluetooth Sports Headphones – Review

We recently took a look at the Syllable A6 Bluetooth headphones and now we’ve got the sportier D700 ones. They’re available on Amazon USA for $19.99 and here in the UK for £13.99. Initial impressions are very good. I tried these on at the gym and they

aLLreLi KA150 Wireless Keyboard – Review

This is just £12.99 on Amazon and, I have to say, I quite like this. It’s definitely my preference when compared to the gaming keyboard we looked at fairly recently. This is the aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard and it comes with 18 multimedia function keys too. Out

Got a Smartwatch? Want wood for it?

Smartwatches are starting to become a proper “thing” now and, with more and more people buying into the sector, there will be more and more demand for accessories. As an owner of a Pebble Time for nearing a year now, I have grown a bit bored of the

GSL 2016: Dog and Bone Cases and Bluetooth Locks

Dog and Bone Cases were at the Gadget Show live event demonstrating new water proof cases and Bluetooth smart locks from America today. First up were the waterproof cases which all offer up to 2 metres in depth for a time of 1 hour, ideal for plumbers

Titan – The toughest charging cable in the world. Review.

Cables can get frayed and worn out pretty quickly when you use them regularly. It could be you, your kids or your dog doing the damage, and it usually means a broken plug or a torn cable. My wife is pretty skilled at wearing out the connection

CHOETECH USB Type C Charger – Review

Two weeks, I finally caved in and accepted that my Nexus 4 wasn’t just a little old and creaky; it was beginning to malfunction. I replaced it with another Nexus because there are few models I could point to and be impressed by their reliability… and naturally that

Slicoo Wood / Bamboo case for Galaxy S7 – Overview

We got sent this “Nature Series” case by Slicoo. It’s just £9.99 from Amazon at the moment and we did let them know that we hadn’t actually got a Samsung Galaxy S7 to test it with, but they said not to worry. The full name for this

ZUS – A car charger with a cool addition. Reviewed.

The people at nonda got in touch with us and wanted to send us a car charger. We said yes. Then, because it was a car charger, it kinda went into our review queue and I didn’t really look at the great additional feature this thing has.

Keep track of the kids with My Buddy Tag

Short version, this is a wrist band that your kids wear. It uses Bluetooth and, via an app on your phone, you can be assured that they’re within a certain distance at all times. It’s waterproof and clips on easily. It’s ideal for your holiday and, although

Get the MEEM feeling – Your phone charged and backed up simply

It’s not been long since our MEEM review and you’ll be able to get the cable yourself within days. It’s on Kickstarter with just a small amount of cash remaining. Early adopters have the chance to get the MEEM before general release and at a discounted price,

Tronsmart Type-C and micro USB cables overview

Can we call this a review? Possibly. We’re not totally sure what to say in order to qualify this as a review, especially as they’re just cables. However, saying that, they are very decent cables. Tronsmart do lots of Type-C cables and lots of microUSB cables, and

Tronsmart Type-C Quick Charge 3.0 & Type-C Charger

More car chargers for you today, and this time it’s for those of you with a USB Type-C device. This puppy has a standard USB port with Quick Charge C3.0 AND a Type-C port to fit the latest smartphones including the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Lumia 950,

Tronsmart USB Rapid Car Charger Review

We get sent some stuff here at Coolsmartphone. Lately it’s been cables and in-car chargers, so expect to see a lot of reviews featuring these. To be honest there’s not a great deal you can write about them. This is the Tronsmart USB Rapid Car Charger and