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OnePlus 3 virtually upon us

Pardon the dreadful pun, OnePlus arguably the loudest and most popular of the smaller smartphone players in the market. Two members of the Coolsmartphone team even have a OnePlus handset each! The OnePlus 3 is set to be their next “Flagship Killer” and is looking to be

Amazon Fire 7 down to £39 at Tesco

The sun is out, the sky is blue.. Time for another great gadget deal! This time it’s from Tesco and it’s the 7″ Amazon Fire tablet. It’s now reduced to a pretty unbelievable £39 and you can get it in black, blue or magenta. There’s free delivery

Evernote Labs opens to general public

Evernote Labs, the beta community that tests improvements to the Android Evernote application, has opened its doors to anyone who wants to become a beta tester. I have been part of the Evernote beta programme for a while now, and I would recommend anyone who is a

Android Apps coming to a Chromebook near you soon!

You know that we love our Chromebooks. Leigh uses one as his one and only computer. I have recently joined the Chromebook fray and, while I enjoy the near instant-on capability of it, one thing has always bugged me. The Chromebook apps are well, to be blunt, rubbish.

Motorola unveil the new Moto G series

The Moto G range has always been a stalwart in the budget Android device segment and with their latest release nothing changes on that front. As is expected from my new phone release the specs have taken a bit of a jump, as have the screen sizes.

Google I/O – Live feed

Tonight could potentially be very interesting indeed. It’s Google I/O time, which means three days of the latest and greatest Google tech. At 6PM (UK time) we’ll see Google CEO Sundar Pichai kick off proceedings and we’re hoping that those rumours of Android apps running on Chromebooks

Getting started with Android Pay – A 6-step guide

Getting started with Android Pay is ridiculously easy and follows similar steps that iPhone users may be familiar with. As Android Pay has only become available in the UK today, we thought it wise to give you a brief look at the setup process, which goes a

Android Pay – It’s finally here

MasterCard are first off the line this morning with the announcement that Android Pay is finally available in the apparent sleepy backwater that is the UK. All you need is a compatible Android phone with NFC. It’s not just MasterCard though. Everybody has been in touch with

Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 now on sale

Fancy grabbing the new Huawei MediaPad M2 10″ tablet we reviewed just this morning? It’s now on sale from Currys PC World. The tablet, which we reviewed here, has Harman Kardon speaker technology (which sound, let me tell you, very good indeed), excellent battery life and a

Five reasons to buy a Chromecast (or another one)

Unbelievably, I’ve had my Chromecast for a couple of years now. Despite my TV and a set-top box having the ability to show stuff from my phone, I still default to the Chromecast. It sits wedged into a random HDMI port on the back of my TV

Acer Predator 8 tablet – Hands on & Gaming demo

The Acer Predator 8 is a device we have seen a few times now, but up until now I have not really had a good chance to have a play with it. That all changes today as I am in Belfast with #acerliveblog2016 and they have let

Android Pay Entering the UK – Soon

There’s been signs & symptoms of the impending intro of Android Pay into the UK. It’s been in the US for some time and iPhone users have been treated with their phone pay system since last July in the UK. There have been reports of sticky signs

Huawei add the P9 Lite to their portfolio

As you can see in the review we are pretty big fans of the Huawei P9. It now seems that Huawei is going to be making a bigger push into the UK market than we first thought. Coming very soon to a network near you is the

Win with Honor

Honor have a competition on right now. Perhaps it’s to find the letter “U” from their name. Who knows. What I can tell you is that they’re giving away some limited edition flip cases (they look a bit like this but more .. errr.. limited edition-ee) and

Vodafone announce Prime 7 and First 7

These days networks are producing their own devices to go on sale at a more affordable price. Vodafone is a key example of this with their great value devices already on sale such as the Ultra and Prime 6. Today the network announce two upgrades to the

Xiaomi’s Mi Max launched

I am a fan of big screened phones this is something that I don’t try to hide at all. One of my favourite devices of all time was the Xperia Z Ultra from Sony, I have owned 3 of them in the past. I just really liked the

EE launch the Jay

Back in the 90’s there was a group called Jamiroquai headed up by Jay Kay. He used to date Denise Van Outen too. Oh, and he owns loads of sports cars. Lucky, lucky blighter. Anyhoo. EE have named a tablet after him and, somehow, I though that

Upcoming modular handset from Moto too?

Rumours have been floating around cyber space regarding the 2016 versions of the Moto G. However, a new leak is pointing at a modular Moto X. Yes, another modular phone on the horizon. We are hoping to see this one released over the sunny part of the

Possible Oneplus 3 images leaked

Yes I was one of those people that jumped on the invitation merry-go-round to buy the OnePlus One. Oh, and guess what. I did there same a year later for the OnePlus Two. I love OnePlus devices so, when here at Coolsmartphone towers we had a sniff

Swytch now offers a weekly mobile deal

You may have already heard about Swytch. Just grab the app and you can instantly have additional mobile numbers piped through to your phone. You can have a line for your business or one for friends. There’s no commitment and, provided you have a fast data connection