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Get ready for Christmas – the Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Head to your local supermarket and you’ll find many weird and wonderful tablets which are all pretty well priced. They may look like a decent option for your kids, but how do you know if they’re any good? How do you know if they’re supported? Amazon have

Confirmed – The UK gets no NFC in the HTC Desire 10

I’ve started to develop a bit of a habit now – leaving the house without my wallet. At work the canteen and the vending machines all use contactless payments. When I get fuel – call it Apple Pay, call it Android Pay – the petrol station, the

Wait a minute. Did Nationwide just do an ad that makes you think?

I’ve mentioned this a few times before, and I’m guilty of it myself. Over-using my phone. Head down, plodding along the street, engrossed in some meaningless tweet. Someone could walk past me wearing nothing but a pair of socks and I’d probably not notice. My son told

Hello Google Allo

For some odd reason I’ve now got that Adele song stuck in my head. Y’know.. “Hello, it’s me I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet To go over everything….” That’s it. It’s stuck in your head now. In a few minutes you’ll

Games appear to be creeping onto my phone.. and staying there

Not too long ago you could pick up my phone and find it to be a productivity powerhouse. I’d have my email, my Citrix Receiver, Office 365, my calendar and not much else. It was a portable office. Now though, after coming back from holiday, I’ve found

Google Trips — A New App to Sort all Your Travel Plans!!

Google has recently announced a new app that helps you sort all your travel plans. It’s a free app, and available both on Android & iOS. What with it being a travel app and all,  it comes with an offline mode, allowing you to download all the info

‘Allo, Allo’, Monsieur Google!

Allo yes, this post may have the worst title but I couldn’t help it. Back at the Google I/O Developers Conference in May, they announced two new applications, Duo and Allo. The Duo app was released about a month ago, which is the simple video chatting application if you’ll recall,

Got a Galaxy Note7 and want to return it? Here’s the details

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was explosive, but sadly not in the right way. Batteries seem to be melting through the handset as it’s charged and the advice now appears to be, “Woah there! Put the phone down! Put it DOWN” If you’re in the

Driving and using the phone? Fines and points to double

You may have done it yourself. You may see others do it. Perhaps you’ll catch an approaching driver looking down at something and you’ll wonder if they’re really just “tuning the radio” or perhaps browsing the web instead. It’s on the rise and, with the deep cuts

HTC Desire 10 lined up for launch on Tuesday

What are you doing on Tuesday morning? Well, we’re going to be at a swanky launch party in the West End of London. We’ll be eating canapés, drinking free champagne, meeting the….. ..wait. Ah no. It’s another one of those “web” launches from HTC. Gah.. what happen

Android vulnerabilities competition

Hacking bounty schemes are getting very popular with all the big names. Uber recently found a number of very concerning privacy issues with their application. This was found in a bounty programme. Well, it is not new news that Android has a number of vulnerabilities and generally the

LG V20 launches for audiophile

You’d be forgotten for thinking that there were no tech items last week apart from the over-priced, under-specced, headphone-less phone that is Apple’s latest offering.  Far more exciting (to me at least!), was another announcement last week.  It was well known that the LG v20 was going

All-New Amazon Fire HD 8: Better And Cheaper

It’s been quite a week: the IFA madness had just started to blow over, then LG announced the V20 and Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7. Just as all that was passing, Amazon threw their own announcement into the mix, and the

When note-taking is this good I’ve decided to pay for it!

…or why I’m finally all-in on a paid Evernote subscription (at least for this year). It has taken just over five years to convince me, and within this time I have quit a long-term job and joined, left, then re-joined the CoolSmartPhone team. Also, for the last

The perfect convertible? – a leftfield choice part 3

Laptop PC sales are falling, tablet sales are dropping, and even the might smartphone is plateauing. Wearables have been a bit of a damp squib, and VR is just starting out. In the midst of all this, one area does seem to be (anecdotally at least) doing

OnePlus Two gets updates

OnePlus has rolled out updates for their edition of Android, called Oxygen to version 3.1.0. The update includes fixes for the Quadrooter vulnerabilities and Google security patches. To get the update, simply go into settings then system updates. What’s new: Fixed some notification issues Improved Doze Mode

The Pixel Tablet range?

Well it’s been some time since we heard anything from Google with regards to updating their tablet lineup. It’s all been quiet since the high-end Pixel tablet got released last year. We recently mentioned that Google were re-branding their Nexus Phone line up to be sold under