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Emojis – Even I’m using them now

There was a time, not too long ago, when I’d be pretty annoyed at using an emoji. My wife loves them, but when she sent me a text message my phone wouldn’t be able to understand it and I’d just get a stack of question marks where

Your home, in your hand…

You’ve seen a few of our recent camera reviews covering security gadgets for your home. Most of the time it’s security cameras, but they’re not always the fixed ones we’ve checked out – we’ve also used our smartphones to control cameras, to control the heating and more.

HTC app update kills HTC One M8 and M9 camera

On June 27th HTC updated this app. It’s called the “HTC Service PNS”, and is basically their push client supporting HTC services and apps. Since this got updated HTC M8 and HTC M9 owners have started having problems with their camera app. HTC 10 owners seem unaffected

OnePlus threaten to increase prices as a result of #Brexit

Errr… so, we’ve been sent quite a few “announcements” from companies following the EU referendum last week. The information we’re getting is sometimes contradictory, sometimes wrong and sometimes biased. Pretty much, you might say, like the whole campaign has been to date on both sides. Anyhoo, we’ve

Evernote reduces free users to only two devices

A post on the Evernote site posted on Monday 28th June states that Evernote Basic, the free tier from Evernote, will be limited to only two devices. This accompanies a price change for the paid levels, with Evernote Plus now costing £29.99 per year and Evernote Premium

Google changing the smartphone game

The Telegraph in the UK have reported that Google are looking in producing their own smartphone. This is different to what we have been used to as the Android creators previously left the manufacturing to other huge names like Samsung, HTC and so on. We also have the

Vodafone launch another own-brand smartphone – The Smart ultra 7

OK, it’s been a busy few days. We’ve left Europe, but Scotland wants to stay, as does Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. The opposition is crumbling, the pound has tumbled to a 31 year low, the markets are in turmoil, the people behind the “Leave” camp have disappeared

OnePlus 3 – Review

OnePlus seem to have been in the news quite a lot recently, and this time it seems to be for all the right reasons. No over the top, morally and ethically questionable campaigns or events this time. It’s all about the OnePlus 3, the third flagship from

EXCLUSIVE – Yes, yes. The OnePlus 3 IS coming to O2

So, while I was mourning the loss of our Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (it’s only lasted a week and there seems to be some issue with the graphics driver), I received another email. It was from our mysterious, but trusted, source. The same one who mentioned that

OnePlus 3 coming to O2?

OK, I’ve had a pretty cryptic email from an anonymous source. It says that the OnePlus 3 is going to be ranged by O2 and will be in stores soon. Anndd…. that’s about it.. Sorry, that’s all we know so far. We’ve got no real evidence just

Doro 8030 – Review

A smartphone can be a scary proposition for some. It’s like being asked to perform brain surgery for a certain section of society and it’s something that they’ll run from. Why? Well, they’re older. Age will happen to all of us, but put a modern smartphone in

Vodafone Smart platinum 7 now available

Remember that Smart platinum 7 we told you about just days ago ? It’s now available to buy for just £295 on Pay As You Go or from a mere £28 per month (with a £20 up-front charge) on contract (1GB data, unlimited everything else). In addition,

Honor 5C Announced

Oh I like this. Honor have sent us pictures of their new Honor 5C outside, next to a river. Perhaps James took it to the pub and snapped some photos? Well, perhaps that’s a topic we’ll need to talk to him about over a cold beer. This

Motorola Moto G4 – Now available to buy

The Moto G handsets have always been known as good value and good quality phones. Now, the Moto G4 that we covered a short while ago is available to buy. Expansys have it unlocked for £168.99 and John Lewis for £159.95. You can also find it for

Jide Announce its next Remix, the Remix Pro

It has been a bit of time since we last heard any news from Jide (the makers of Remix Ultra Tablet and the Remix Mini). They have been working very hard on a few different projects and building their portfolio up. So, what have they been working on

Moto phones get their own Motorola Camera app in the Play Store

Why is this a thing worth mentioning? There’s a camera app specifically for Motorola phones (called surprisingly enough, Motorola Camera). It largely depends on whether you have a Motorola phone or not. More precisely, whether you have, or intend to get, one of the 2016 crop of

Panasonic goes rough with the ToughPad FZ-A2

Our smart gadgets are great, that’s for sure, but they break all too easily. In the end, if you’re going to use a tablet or smartphone outside of a soft, cushioned room; you’ll need to wrap it in a case or a cover and definitely never ever

Facebook Messenger Now Does SMS

Are you someone who lives in Facebook Messenger? Would you like to spend even more time in the app? Well after the latest app update, you can now set Facebook Messenger to be your default SMS app (if you are on Android). For now iOS users can’t