Google changing the smartphone game

The Telegraph in the UK have reported that Google are looking in producing their own smartphone. This is different to what we have been used to as the Android creators previously left the manufacturing to other huge names like Samsung, HTC and so on. We also have the

Vodafone launch another own-brand smartphone – The Smart ultra 7

OK, it’s been a busy few days. We’ve left Europe, but Scotland wants to stay, as does Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. The opposition is crumbling, the pound has tumbled to a 31 year low, the markets are in turmoil, the people behind the “Leave” camp have disappeared

Puridea Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank and Bike light – Review

Yes, I agree with you. That is a weird combination of features. This is indeed a bike light which is also a Bluetooth speaker and … a portable charger for your phone. All those things in one unit isn’t normally something you’ll see wrapped up in one

Urbanista new earbuds to appeal to young urban folk

Last week, Swedish designers Urbanista launched a new design of earbud with a new mosaic pastel colour design from a very cheap £19. Perfect for music lovers that want a patterned earphone that complements their summer style, the Urbanista San Francisco’s graphic print is reminiscent of the

OnePlus 3 – Review

OnePlus seem to have been in the news quite a lot recently, and this time it seems to be for all the right reasons. No over the top, morally and ethically questionable campaigns or events this time. It’s all about the OnePlus 3, the third flagship from

WhatsApp have hit 100 million calls a day

After scrapping the annual fee for WhatsApp, the application has gone from strength to strength. Most recently the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has launched desktop versions of the popular phone application for Windows and Macs. Last week on the WhatsApp blog, they announced that users were making 100 million

EXCLUSIVE – Yes, yes. The OnePlus 3 IS coming to O2

So, while I was mourning the loss of our Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (it’s only lasted a week and there seems to be some issue with the graphics driver), I received another email. It was from our mysterious, but trusted, source. The same one who mentioned that

OnePlus 3 coming to O2?

OK, I’ve had a pretty cryptic email from an anonymous source. It says that the OnePlus 3 is going to be ranged by O2 and will be in stores soon. Anndd…. that’s about it.. Sorry, that’s all we know so far. We’ve got no real evidence just

COMPETITION TIME: Win Pump Audio V2 Earbuds

Recently we posted a review from Gadget Show Live of the Pump Audio V2 earbuds and posted a video from my trip to Malaysia. Now you have a chance to win a pair of Pump Audio V2 earbuds, not the ones I tested – so don’t worry!

Good Morning World. This is Great Britain calling.

Is this thing on? Are we still here? Europe? Are you still there? Are our European servers still on? Are we all still friends? Sorry about all that guys. Everything went a bit mad there for a moment. Our money is worth less now, the markets are

Reolink HD IP Security Camera – Video overview

Remember the all-weather fixed security camera I reviewed the other day? The Reolink IP camera will fix to your wall or roof and points at your driveway, your garden, your warehouse or inside your property and you can view the images and video anywhere in the world

Doro 8030 – Review

A smartphone can be a scary proposition for some. It’s like being asked to perform brain surgery for a certain section of society and it’s something that they’ll run from. Why? Well, they’re older. Age will happen to all of us, but put a modern smartphone in

Doosl FM Transmitter – Review

I’ve been sent an FM transmitter again. It’s one of those ones you’ll find on Amazon with a rather long and confusing name. The full description for this £13 gadget is (wait for it)… “FM Transmitter, Doosl® 3.5mm FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Hands-free Calling Wireless Radio Car

Wraps Headphones – Review

Remember the Wraps Wearable Headphones we mentioned recently? OK, so it was a bitdaft to call them “wearable” because of course, all headphone sare. However, these wrap around your wrist when they’re not in use, so you effectively turn them into a bracelet / bangle when they’re

Reolink HD IP Security Camera – Review

We’ve had security cameras in the past but this one will work outside and you can’t move it around automatically. Yes, it’s a “proper” security camera. Now, many of you will probably think that you need some sort of recording hardware and other bits to make this

Seek announce a new cheap version of their thermal camera

In August last year we took a look at the Seek Thermal camera. It basically slots onto the bottom of your phone and, in real time, shows you what’s hot and what’s not. Now you can get an affordable model in the shape of the Seek CompactPRO.