M&M – Motorola & Marshmallow

Motorola have announced which devices in its product portfolio will get the Android 6.0 update in a blog post. All the most recent devices are included, apart from the 2nd generation Moto E (the one with the bigger screen and 4G). The complete list is as follows:

WiFi coverage problems? Try this Wireless Range Extender

Do you have a really big house and experience coverage problems from your WiFi unit? Well, invite me round. I’ll quite happily drink your beer and then fall asleep in one of your many bedrooms. You big show-off. If you’d rather not be out of range (and

Podcast 155 – Nexus Event Special and iPhone Sales Figures

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast episode 155. In this ‘As Live‘ episode John is joined by Gary, and Khellan  on the evening after Google’s Nexus Event as the gang settle down and discuss: The apparently very impressive iPhone sales figures The Pixel C The Nexus 5X The

Google Nexus 9 (16GB) now £179.99 at Argos

Argos have dropped the price of the HTC made Nexus 9 16GB to £179.99 online. The Nexus 9 32GB has had its price cut to £299.99 as well. The Nexus 9 is last year’s Nexus tablet which brought the 4:3 aspect ratio to Google’s Nexus range. As

Rumoured Lumia 550 makes and appearance on the web

So, we already know that Microsoft will shortly be launching their new Lumia 950 and 950XL but now, according to serial tipster @evleaks, a lower-end device might be joining the line-up. This, the Lumia 550, looks to be heading to the October 6th event too. It’ll do

LG Watch Urbane 2 smartwatch announced

Hot on the heels of the new and updated Samsung and Huawei smartwatches, LG has announced the second edition of their Urbane watch. With the majority of smartwatches running Android Wear, there is often little that manufacturers can do to differentiate their wares in terms of software.

Smart alarm products! When did we start covering this?

I can feel things slipping now. First this site covered Microsoft smartphones, then Android, Apple and perhaps a few accessories. Now we’re getting all manner of connected gadgets. This particular pitch is from an operation called Response Electronics, who want you to know about all their rather

Keeping an eye on the kids

If you’ve read this site for a while, you’ll probably know how I’m a big campaigner for internet safety, especially when it involves kids. The “lag” involved in locking down unsafe videos on sites like YouTube meant that anyone could’ve watched a double murder online. Plus, with

Symetium “super phone” going into crowdsourcing

Here is something a little different. Symetium, which is a Swedish based company, are looking to crowdfund their latest smartphone to get it market. It has been designed to remove the lines between mobile and desktop devices. This is being done by delivering desktop-class performance in a

How smartphones have changed the way we live

I’m old enough to remember a time when there weren’t a great deal of mobile phones. I also remember a time when a “smartphone” had never been heard of. What made me think of all this was when I met an old college friend. We sat down,

Nexus 5X preorders at Carphone Warehouse

Whilst perusing my favourite deals site earlier today, I spied this link which will take you into the land of Keith Lemon. No seriously though, head to Carphone Warehouse and you will find that they’re taking pre-orders for the Nexus 5X. Not only that, but they are

Amazon Fire 7″ (2015) – Unboxing

Today Amazon started delivering their new tablet models to customers who had pre-ordered in the UK. I received my £49 Amazon Fire 7″ (2015), and this is my unboxing. Yes, you did read that correctly, it’s just £49. Specifications: quad-core processor and 1GB RAM 7″ 1024×600 display

Ulla – Reminding you to drink !

I’ve said this a few times before, but we really are starting to get some new and interesting things in the ‘ole Coolsmartphone inbox now. Today it’s this little magic water reminder thing (that’s my description anyway). It straps onto a water bottle and reminds you to

Why, is that a DOOGEE HOMTOM HT6 I see before me?

Gotta love those guys at DOOGEE. They’re a bit mental. They say no to fashion and like to be … well, “different” :) Here’s one of their phones – the HOMTOM HT6. Yes, we said HOMTOM. It’s £92.58 ($139.99) and is available in black or silver. It’s

Our comments system

Recently you may have noticed that our commenting system has changed somewhat. The new system allows you to add your comments much more easily than before and adds a newsfeed too. However, we’re having a number of issues with it. We’ve tried over the last few weeks

Vodafone launch the £50 4G Smart speed 6

Yup, 4G just got cheap. OK, so you’re not going to get bleeding-edge technology throughout the whole smartphone at this price, but £50 will get you Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and a 5 megapixel rear shooter. Other specifications include a strong-facing 2 megapixel camera, quad-core CPU running at

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ video overview

Yesterday you’ll have hopefully seen our Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ review. It’s a big-screen phone with a sexy curved screen which can display additional information down the side of the handset. It’ll also let you hop quickly into your favourite contacts and apps. However, there’s more tricks

Nexus, Nexus… 5X and 6P finally land

The Chocolate factory went all-in on one of their more interesting annual events. The speakers were tight, and the announcements flew by. We were expecting two Nexuses and boy did Google deliver. First up, there was the Nexus 5X. This was the second 5 inch phone made

HTC to launch the first Marshmallow device

OK, quick version. The next version of Android is going to be called Marshmallow. More voice interaction is coming, meaning that we’ll be chatting to our phones more and additional third-party apps will be able to use Google voice commands. Your apps should be able to ask