Grab the opening hours for anywhere, just head to your pocket.

The people at OpenHours have sent me a missive about their new Android and iOS apps for checking the opening times of stores, banks, restaurants and more. You can give their website a spin now and put in something like “TSB Birmingham“. It’ll then tell you how

Compare the (super)market

Don’t get me started about politics. One group tell you that things are great. The other guys say that things are still rubbish. Me? I’m voting Monster Raving Looney. I think they’re marginally better and my local MP is dressed as a chicken. Brilliant. If you’re not

Lucy Hedges shows how to f’ing save money

Right, April Fools is now over… unless you’re in America, then it’s probably definitely still on. Either way, I’d like to state up-front that this is definitely an April Fools joke. This is the First Direct Swear Jar app. An app that runs in the background and

Honor 6+ pre-order from April 6th, buy on May 1st

This weekend, while you’re enjoying an Easter break painting fences / wallpapering rooms or perhaps even spending several days in the pub.. if you’re lucky. Today Honor, a Huawei owned company, have announced the pricing and availability. As you lovely people know already, it’ll have a network

Alcatel Onetouch Pop D5 – Review

Alcatel have a wide range of devices and keeping up with exactly where each model sits in the range is at times a struggle, when I visited their stand at MWC it took me five minutes to gather myself and work out what was what. Alcatel have

WhatsApp gets voice calling for (almost) all

If you use WhatsApp then I really don’t need to sell this thing to you. It’s a cross-platform messaging app that cuts out the need to use text messages. Instead you send everything over your data connection and you can also keep in touch with people in

Valedo Wearable unboxing

This is not an April Fool Those of you who were following our MWC coverage will already be familiar with Valedo. for those of you who wern’t following our exploits at MWC here is a recap1, Valedo is a wearable that will help you improve your back

Microsoft announce the Surface 3

Microsoft have announced the latest in their range of Surface Tablets, the latest being the Surface 3 which is the successor to the Windows RT equipped Surface 2. This time round though it’s running Windows 8.1. It’s summed up by Panos Panay, the corporate vice president, of

Huawei’s profits rise by 33%

The world’s second biggest telecoms equipment maker Huawei said profits jumped a third last year, its net profit was 27.9bn yuan ($4.5bn; £3bn), up from 21bn yuan in 2013. The Chinese firm, which is also a major smartphone maker, saw revenues rise by 21% over the year. Our

Carphone Warehouse & O2 now stocking the HTC One M9

  Independent phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, has been taking pre orders for the HTC M9 for some time now, but today the retailer has announced that you’ll be able to get your hands on  the device now. The latest flagship from HTC is listed on contracts that start from

LG G4 to be announced next month?

Invites have been sent out for the next LG launch. We’re suspecting it’ll be the LG G4 and it’ll be launched at events in New York, London, Paris, Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul next month on April 28th and 29th. Other than this invite and the phrase “See

Doro Liberto 820 Mini – Review

Doro have found themselves a niche, they have really really thought of everything that a phone should do in that particular niche. A few weeks ago I was introduced to the new Liberto 820 Mini and when I got back from MWC there was one waiting for

HTC One E9+ Slips out in China

According to the specs on the HTC China website, this E9+ has a 2GHz 64-bit octa-core MediaTek CPU, 16GB storage plus a microSD card slot for another 128GB. WiFi, 4G and dual nano SIM card slots are included plus an UltraPixel front-facing camera with a 13 megapixel

KitSound Clash, Bluetooth Headphones Review.

Usually, headphones are a difficult item to review and at the end of the day,  you the reader have to take my word for it. We’ve had the KitSound Clash Bluetooth Headphones in for review recently and we’ll start the review off with my good and bad

Oppo’s bezel free device leaked.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Oppo looks set to release a handset with  jaw dropping bezel free display. The new smartphone has been anonymously leaked online, flaunting almost no bezels on either side of the screen and Running Oppo’s own operating system ColorOS. The only other handset without a curve

More HTC One M9 Plus images leaked.

  HTC has sent out invites in which it clearly teased a new HTC One M9 variant with the One M8 Duo camera set up. Tie this in with the leaked images from the normally spot on @Upleaks on twitter, and could this be the rumoured HTC M9+? From

HTC One M9 on sale via giffgaff tonight. Cheaper than competitors

This is a handset which has received a fair amount of criticism because it doesn’t look hugely different to the previous One M8. Almost a year ago Scott Croyle, chief of design, left HTC and now Industrial Design Lead, Jonah Becker, has left. However, I know plenty

A Review of the iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 Backup Battery

Once upon a time our gadgets weren’t particularly complicated or vibrant and their batteries used to last for what seemed to be a life time from a single charge. Then tech got smart, connected and colourful and battery management became important, shortly followed by battery anxiety. It’s

Samsung E1270 Phone with £4 Credit .. Just £2.99

There’s many reasons why I shouldn’t want this. You won’t really be able to browse the internet, you won’t get any apps, it’s got no WiFi, no GPS and no camera. This isn’t a smartphone. This perhaps could be a phone for a big night out, a

Blackberry financial results show growth

Remember Blackberry? The business phone maker that got absolutely huge when smartphones got cheap enough for everyone under 18 to own and then went out of fashion with the youths? They’re still around and on Friday their Q4 financial results were announced to the effect that they