Apple Watch – First Impressions

OK, thanks to another member of the team I’ve been able to get my hands on an Apple Watch. Dover Street Market had stock of the White 38mm, so that’s the one I’ve got. What do I think? Well, getting it out the box is a pleasure.

Samsung S6 hogging all the RAM

Are you lucky enough to own a Samsung S6 or S6 Edge? If so, then you may not be quite so lucky as you think. It seems that a number of S6 and S6 Edges are being a bit greedy with the RAM. It’s not a lack

Pronto – Smart Remote from Peel – Review

Many of the higher-end phones now have IR blasters. It’s not a new thing though, as IR ports were actually found in phones many years ago. Back then there wasn’t such a thing as “Bluetooth” and you’d never find WiFi in your handset, so data was transferred

Podcast 138 – Leigh and the leather back

Welcome to the latest episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast, joining me this week was Leigh. This weeks topics revolved around Leigh and his trip to London to see the LG G4, me and my Moto G 4G and Huawei P8, Leigh and the Honor 4X and some

Microsoft BUILD Conference – round up of Day 1

Yesterday Microsoft opened their annual developer’s conference in California to great fanfare.  As we had reported, rumours had been rife about some sort of Android announcement, yet when it came it wasn’t entirely as had been expected.  Most of the attention was, of course, focused on the

LG G3 16GB now very cheap, but be quick

With all this talk of the new LG G4 it’s perhaps all too easy to forget about the G3. It’s still my daily driver and, despite me draining the battery surprisingly quickly, it takes great pictures and that 5.5″ screen really doesn’t feel like 5.5″. Yes, that

Grace Digital Mondo Internet Radio Review

Beyond accessing radio stations through apps on my iPhone, internet radio was a new concept that I had never really considered. So, when I was given to opportunity to test the Grace Digital Mondo Internet Radio, I was keen to see what it offered. Complete with a

Discount code available for Rock Jaw audio

I’ve become a bit of a fan of the Rock Jaw headphones. They’re premium quality build, excellent sound and yet they don’t cost the earth. We’ve already reviewed their Hydra headphones, the Arcana ones and the Alfa Genius set. All of them received glowing reviews and they

Independent retailers taking LG G4 pre-orders

Following on from the announcement of the latest flagship from LG, two of the largest UK independent retailers have today started taking pre-orders for device. The G4 appeared just yesterday, with the launch attended by our very own Leigh. You can catch up on his LG G4

Kitsound Evoke – Review

The Kitsound Evoke is a Bluetooth speaker, but this one is a little different. It needs to be plugged in. Not totally wireless, but it can easily be relocated to another place provided there’s a plug socket within reach. It looks absolutely fantastic. A sleek modern black

What will you use an Apple Watch for?

After the Apple watch hit stores, fans have been checking their bank balances before getting that hot new piece of technology. Heck, if you don’t have enough cash right now, that might not matter. Surely it can go on the credit card? ;) The British market is

LG G4 coming to Vodafone too

Just how do you pad out a story that really only has one nugget of information? Do you mention the specs and the general details about the phone in question? Do you chuck lots of images in to fill the void? Well, we’ll try both.  The LG

Are Microsoft about to announce Android apps on Windows Phone?

Later today the annual Microsoft Build conference will get under-way.  This is sort of the equivalent of the Google I/O event, or Apple’s WWDC; in other words it is a massive deal for Microsoft, particularly in a year when Windows 10 will be released for desktop PCs,

Lumia 640XL LTE now available to buy in the UK

Another week, another mid-range Lumia phone…the phablet-sized Lumia 640XL is nothing new, but Microsoft’s website has now changed its status from coming soon to available for purchase Announced at the same time as the 640, Microsoft’s latest phone boasts some decent specs, if nothing that’ll change the

LG G4 Hands on. A quick video.

To look at, the LG G4 is similar to the G3. It’s only really when you turn it over and notice either the leather back or the new switch assembly. In a way it reminded me of the HTC One M9. It’s not all about redesigning from

Four user-friendly and free reading apps for Android

My wife loves reading books. She’s probably read more books in the last month than I have … err.. ever. Now, if you’ve got Android then you may have your favourite e-reader app already, but have you considered the others that are out there? There’s stacks of

An afternoon with the LG G4

I’ve been quite a fan of the LG G3 for a while now. Until I actually had one in my hand I’d perhaps not considered LG as an option and, to be honest, that’s a bit of a shame. The new LG G4, like the G3 before, is

LG G4 to be available on TalkTalk

If you’re planning on getting the all-new LG G4 on TalkTalk, good news. It’ll be arriving on the MVNO pretty soon. We’ve had confirmation today that the handset will be available to customers when it’s brought to the network, although there’s no news on dates or pricing

Three confirmed to stock LG G4

LG have just announced their new flagship device called the G4 and it looks awesome. Specs include a 5.5 inch Quad HD display with amazing colour accuracy. There is a Snapdragon 808 processor under the hood paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Camera wise you get