Reviews – Get Notified of Reviews for your favourite apps


Reviews is an iOS app targeted towards developers. It allows you to monitor reviews for apps from all App Store territories. The creators clearly have an eye for design: leaving out all unnecessary chrome and features.

Reviews first opens without any apps added. This is probably for the best as most people won’t want defaults added, but I feel like having a few will give users a feel for how the app works. Nevertheless, adding apps is easy by simply press the plus button. When I was first adding an app I was afraid I would need to type in the name exactly how it appears in the App Store (i.e. “Fantastical 2 for iPhone – Calendar and Reminders” instead of just “Fantastical”), however the latter works just fine and you are presented with a list of options matching your query.


Even though it’s made for developers, I found the app useful in checking reviews for apps presently on my wish list. The ability to receive notifications for new reviews, and have them ranked by star count is handy. I also enjoy being able to select multiply territories for my reviews, but would like the option to add my own default instead of continuously changing from the US to Canadian store. Additionally, you can translate all comments into a wide arrange of languages – A nice touch. The way reading reviews was done was smart: Due to the small amount of text per review, alert popups were used instead of separate screens, which would add complexity to the otherwise simple app.


The only options in the app are to rearrange your list. In there are ways to contact the developers, but nothing more.

Overall, I find the app nice and simple (though maybe a little too simple). However, if you’re a developer for iOS, or someone who likes checking reviews for apps you’re eyeing, I encourage you to try it out.

Reviews is available on iOS for $2.99 here.

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