OnePlus have fixed the annoying multitouch typing issue, everyone rejoice!

I have a OnePlus One, it’s a great phone, albeit a bit large and a little buggy at times. One of the most annoying bugs is that if you dare type too fast it recognises that typing as random swipes and screws up what you were trying to type out. Which is always fun. Well the good news is that the Cyanogenmod team have worked out why the bug exists in the Synaptics driver for the touchscreen.

The only slight problem is now how this translates to you as a user. The update along with some other bug fixes and battery life improvements will be rolling out OTA soon, that is if you’re still on the CM11S firmware. If you’re impatient or if you’re running nightlies of CM11 then you’ll be able to flash the latest nightly or a new kernel.

Personally I feel that it’s nice to see the device getting bugs fixed, they should really stick to fixing bugs and not dreaming up absurd new marketing schemes.

Source – Android Beat

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