The Google Play Store seems to allow you two hours to refund purchases now

The Google Play Store has seen many updates and changes over the years. Possibly the most controversial of those changes was when Google changed the refund policy from 24 hours down to 15 minutes. This was to cut down on the number of people buying apps using them for a short while and then refunding them, it was also rumoured to be to make it harder for app pirates to download the app, extract the apk and refund in the time slot.

Well according to Android Police it seems that the refund window has been extended to 2 hours. They did a little experiment whereby they downloaded a paid app and basically checked back every few minutes to see if the refund option was still available. After two hours it disappeared. You could try the same out today, I know I’m going to.

Googles own web page about the refund policy still says 15 minutes, so whether or not this is a glitch or a sign of things to come we don’t currently now.
This move if it becomes official might make the whole, “buy a game because everyone says it’s amazing only to find it’s rubbish” phenomenon easier to deal with.

Source – Android Police

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