Google Now helps with your Hotel Stay


As we know Google Now is growing what seems like every day, new features get added and they find new ways to help us get through the day with the right information we need at the right time. So Google has added a new feature to Google Now in the form of Hotel Based search results.

So here’s the picture.. You’ve booked yourself in a hotel for the weekend (Somewhere sunny if you can now find somewhere) and the email confirmation has just arrived in your Gmail inbox. Through the magic of technology if you now say to your phone “Show me pubs near to my hotel” you should be given a list of results based on the hotel you’re going to stay at. That’s pretty useful if I do say so myself. Now this is a new feature so it is slightly limited at the moment and relies on google getting the name and details correctly out of your E-Mail confirmation but it’s a great idea. Think of the ease rather than going to your inbox to find the postcode, then back to the next app to search for things in the local area. This should make any trip away much easier and relaxed.

So if you’re planning a trip away and get that email then give it a go and let us know the results. Till then here’s an idea of how it should work:




Source: Android Central

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