Watch out, I have a Ninja in my pocket

This is an £8.99 metal credit-card-sized ..err.. card which has 18 different uses. A lot of those 18 are screwdrivering and nut tightening. In our tests it screws and tightens my nuts fine. Not a problem there.

It’ll also open letters, which is probably ideal for those people who actually open letters without swearing and generally ripping at the thing, like me.


Bottle opening is a big highlight for me. Beer I have, oh yes. There’s a bottle opener in the drawer somewhere, but it’s all the way over there, 20 feet away, and that’s just no good. I can simply open my wallet and open the bottle easily.


There’s a ruler, can opener (just in case you’ve been chewing your nails and can’t quite get the ring pull) and box cutter. I’m not sure how airlines are going to react to that spiky part.


There’s a fruit peeler, which should help with your five-a-day. One other little thing is the phone stand. You actually need a credit card or some other type of card to slot into the Wallet Ninja. This seemed to work well for phones propped up in landscape-mode, but phones tended to slide off when placed the other way.

Want one? Get it here.


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