Find your next network by strength easily

This got pushed into my Twitter timeline and, despite it being in beta, it looks fairly promising.

If you’re looking for your next phone and are considering a switch to another network, coverage maps are always good to check. They’ll let you know what the signal is like in various networks where you work, learn and live. Accuracy indoors is always a bit iffy though, and short of asking your mates what network they’re on and what strength they have, it’s difficult to decipher what the signal strength will be on offer networks.

The indoor coverage problem can be due to heavily insulated buildings, and a brilliant 3G or 4G data connection can suddenly drop down to GPRS when you’re sat in the toilet at work for those “special moments”.

This new Android app, called Glove, will run in the background for three days. It’ll collect data on signal strength and data capabilities for all networks as you go about your daily life. After that, you can have it mail you with the results and, armed with that information, you’ll be able to see which is the best network for you. After all, it’s pretty pointless switching to a super cheap deal if you’re on GPRS at work.

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