Getting hold of a OnePlus One. Invites snapped up super quick

Many moons ago I watched a programme about how kids are basically really interested in stuff they can’t have. If it’s in front if them, but they’re told that it’s special and shouldn’t touch, they’ll want whatever it is that they’re not supposed to have. From memory the scientists behind the experiment put a couple of jars of sweets on a table. One jar was special, and the sweets inside were not to be touched unless they did something good.

In reality both jars contained  exactly the same sweets.

The kids went after the special ones. Somehow, when you’re told that you can only get something if you’re chosen, it makes it better. That, pretty much, is what OnePlus are doing with their invites for the purchase of the One handset.


Sadly all the invites went in double-quick time, but keep a track of their Twitter account for more chances to get one.

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