What has Glastonbury and this hard drive got in common?


This is a 2.5TB hard drive. It can store stacks of pictures, plus there’s room for all those “specially backed-up DVD’s” you have too.

Now, imagine downloading everything off this drive onto your phone. That’d take quite a while wouldn’t it? Somehow this is how much data was pumped into the phones of festival-goers at Glastonbury just last weekend via EE.

There wasn’t quite as much uploading going on though, with 0.74 terabytes of data, or around1.5 million pictures getting uploaded.

EE installed a rather special temporary network around the Glastonbury site to ensure that their customers could call, text and browse, even in the mud. Five high capacity 2G, 3G and 4G masts meant that you could still watch TV on your phone under the canvas

The network tells me that the 2.49TB of downloads is equivalent to 650,000 Dolly Parton songs, but that’s not just between the hours of 9-5. (Ha!)


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