World Cup scores to be displayed on the London Underground

World Cup scores

You can imagine the scenario: you’re stuck on the station platform, you’re underground and cannot get a signal and you’re unlucky enough not to use a network for which free wifi is provided, yet you’re desperate to keep up to date with the Russia vs. South Korea score.  What can you do?! Don’t worry folks, help is at hand and it doesn’t involve a superhero wearing his pants on the outside of his trousers.

Transport for London (TFL) and ESPNFC have teamed up for the duration of the world cup to show scores on the dot matrix displays and other notice boards around more than 140 stations across the tube network.  This includes the entirety of the Central Line, Northern Line, Bakerloo Line and Jubilee Line.  The boards will show news, scores and results.  We only have a day to wait to see whether this can match the excitement of watching scores update on teletext and Ceefax…

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