The return of Nintendo


In everyone’s life a stage is reached whereby everything seems to have been better in the past.  I’ve now hit this milestone.  The music in the 1980s was better, as were films.  There’s no one today who is a patch on the great Terence Trent D’arby (not that today’s youth know who this is).


The same cannot be said about computers though.  In 1983 Nintendo changed the face of computer gaming with the release of its first console.  Fast forward 21 years and the machine is being re-manufactured and re-sold as the ‘Analogue Nt’.  This is no mere plastic reproduction.  Each unit is lovingly crafted from a single piece of aluminium and contains the original processor, meaning that the 1980s cartridges still work, provided you can find them of course.  But, this being the 21st century, the machine also includes an HDMI adaptor to upscale the picture to a 1080p HD TV and adapt it so that it looks correct.  How much is this feat of electronic engineering worth I hear you ask.  About the same price as a modern console in fact. 

For those desperate for the better days of the bygone era, an ‘Analogue Nt’ will set you back an eye watering £295. Ouch

ZTE Open C available to buy. Powered by Firefox OS and fairly cheap too.
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