Welcome home, Brits get mobile service in the Channel Tunnel


Can it really be 20 years since the Channel Tunnel was completed?


Well, to celebrate, and better late than never, Eurotunnel have completed the installation of mobile services in the North tunnel. It’s similar to the service offered in the South Tunnel, which the French operators installed in July 2012.

Vodafone, EE and O2 UK will have coverage, with EE and Voda getting turned on today and O2 shortly after.

A magical fibre optic retransmission system will mean that 2G and 3G services will be available as customers speed under the English Channel.

Full details below..


Eurotunnel completes mobile telephone and internet connections in Channel Tunnel

For its 20th Anniversary, Eurotunnel has installed British mobile telephone services inside the North Running Tunnel with the help of UK operators Vodafone, EE and O2 UK and the equipment supplier, Alcatel-Lucent, with services commencing on 6 May for Vodafone and EE, and soon for O2 UK. With the goal of improving services for customers, the fibre optic GSP-P retransmission system for 2G and 3G mobile telephone and internet which will enable passengers on board Le Shuttle and high speed passengers to use their mobile devices to make calls and use the internet inside the Channel Tunnel is similar to that installed in the South Tunnel in July 2012 (direction France-UK) by the French operators, in time for the London Olympic Games.