Direct file access on Windows phone – Aerize Explorer


A file manager with direct file system access and the ability to move and copy files between storage cards? On Windows Phone? Are you having a laugh?

Aerize Explorer, which is available completely free in the Windows Phone Store lets you use a friendly and familiar browsing interface to manage files on your phone or storage card. It’ll recognise common file types and you can then simply cut, copy and past files around as you would on a standard PC.

If you don’t have an application to manage the file you’re trying to open, Aerize Explorer will prompt you to download an app from the Windows Phone Store that can handle it. You can also share files from the app, sending them to any target that’ll accept files. Share a song or PDF easily from one place.


To be fair there’s not a great deal else to say, this app delivers a lot of the sharing and file management functionality many Windows Phone users desire, and it’s clearly easy to use and a great app for sorting and filing your data.