Move your hands and get music!

I find the crowdsourcing movement absolutely fascinating, the idea that people all over the world join forces and bet on new products or services is great. It’s like investment and market research in one same action. As this is my first post, I thought it would be appropriate to give the spotlight to something else that is just starting up life.


The latest craze these days is wearable tech. It’s curious to see it develop and going from the potentially very intrusive Google Glass to the almost invisible NFC rings that are almost ready to launch, it’s a huge market just beginning to form. With so many smart watches and fitness bands being launched nearly every month, it will only get bigger.

I recently spotted the Mi.Mu Glove on Kickstarter. Aimed at musicians and aspiring music buddies, it is like a mini computer glued to one’s hand that interprets movement and creates sounds. Tracking  orientation of the hand and fingers, their posture and direction, its sophisticated software then allows such input to be used by third party programs already used in the industry as if coming from specialist instruments. Put simply, it looks to me like the best way from air guitar to actual music!

It looks quite popular, with over a month to go and over 17% of its funding achieved, though at a £1,200 needed to get an actual glove, I’m not sure we’ll see many buskers on the tube waving their hands around, producing music for all to hear. Nevertheless, it is a clever creation, and with some interesting backers like the singer Imogen Heap who is actually part of the team. Have a look at their page and check out the embedded videos.


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