Motorola Moto G gets an OTA update to fix things

The Motorola Moto G could be seen as a success story of 2013 with many flocking out to buy one just to see what the fuss was about. Since the recent KitKat update though some people have been having issues with stability, USB on the go and also data connectivity.
Well this morning I got an update on my SIM unlocked Tesco Mobile 8GB model and it addresses those exact issues, I’ve only had it running for a few hours now and I’ve not noticed any issues and I’m glad to report that USB OTG works as well.

The update fixes the following:

·         Fixed an issue which caused temporary mobile network loss for a small number of Moto G customers.
·         Fixed wallpaper cropping issue.
·         Resolved USB On The Go support issue with USB drives.
·         Fixed low call volume experienced by some users.

So if you haven’t been promoted head over to Settings>About phone>System updates to see if the update is available for you.

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