Chromecast coming Wednesday to the UK – PCWorld / Currys Exclusive

There’s a few of you out there looking a bit blank, so if you’ve not heard, Chromecast is a widget that you slot into the back of your TV to get online video. If you live in the sunny UK then you’ve probably not seen one in the shops just yet, but that’s about to change.

Come Wednesday (yes, this Wednesday) the Google Chromecast will launch exclusively (online and in store) with Currys / PC World. This rather strange image has appeared on Twitter which seems to confirm that stock is arriving and stores are gearing up for “one of the biggest products this year from Google”.


How much? Just £30 dear reader.

Rumours are still swirling around at the moment, but it’s said to include Channel 5, Sky Go and BBC iPlayer content. Expect more detail on Tuesday.

This picture, taken by a soon-to-be-ex-employee, has also appeared on omgchrome and seems to confirm that there’s stacks of Chromecast devices sitting in that warehouse bit behind your local Currys / PC World.


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