Do you have a SIM Free UK Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

You might want to check for updates to the system firmware if you answered yes. It seems that the KitKat update is rolling out now. Obviously if you’ve got a network model then they’re going to delay it a bit, but hey if like me you’ve got a SIM Free version this afternoon is going to be KitKat flavoured.


As you can see I’ve got quite a while to go before mine is downloaded. I’ll update the article later with further details.

Update – Yes it was KitKat, yes it took ages and as @unclelimey pointed out on Twitter the KitKat update removes third party access to the SD card. Or until the developers update their apps anyway.

@coolsmartphone unless you play emulators on it and have roms stuffed on the sd card. As kitkat removes third party apps access to external


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