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CyanogenMod has long been the go to place for Android custom software and modification. Cyanogen (Steve Kondik) and the team recently ventured into the hardware business with the oppo N1. The handset has been well received and had opened up the Cyanogen version of Android to the masses. Now the recently released CM installer goes a step further and has taken the once complicated rooting process and turned into a simple to follow step by step process.

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First thing to do is find the installer web page, you can either turn to Google, or go direct to  Once there you will be greeted with the image above.  scroll down the page and you see the first instruction, “Allow installation of the CyanogenMod Installer App”  to do this you need to navigate through your device into settings then security and the tick the unknown sources box.

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Next step is to install the Installer app for you device, you can go direct through your browser following the link or you scan the QR Code follow the link and hit the download button and the app will download onto your device.  Check the notification tray and you should see OneClick.apk tap on this and then install the app.

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Once installed you should then be prompted to open the app, you will then be greeted with the Welcome page for the app, there is a short paragraph explaining what type of PC/Mac you need ( Windows Vista or newer or Mac plus a USB Cable) you will also be reminded that the device will be factory reset during this process so please make sure you back up all your important data.

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Tap “Begin” and you will be reminded the rooting can damage your phone and that you do this at your own risk, installing Cyanogen mod will replace your operating system.  Please read the warning and only proceed if you are comfortable to do so, at the time of writing this I have followed this process to install cyanogen on 3 devices and have had no issues, but things can go wrong so only do this if you fully appreciate and accept the risks.

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Once you hit agree you will be taken through a series of steps required to prepare the device for installation.

1) Enable USB Debugging, hit the continue button on the app and you will be taken to settings to turn on developer options and the tick the box next to USB Debugging as soon as you tick it you will be taken back to the app

2) Next you need to Enable Camera (PTP), hit continue again and you will got back to settings where you will see the menu for USB PC connection, you should see that “Media Device (MTP)” is ticked you will need to put a tick next to Camera (PTP) as soon as this is ticked you will then return to the app and the installation will now continue on your PC.

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These steps are mirrored on  the installer on the PC or laptop and you can make it really easy to follow on either device, at this point you will follow the link to download the installer on to you PC or MAC and continue from there click on the link and the installer will download open up the program and we can start the final steps

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You should see the welcome page, and the installer will check for updates, I saved the installer files after using it a few weeks ago and tonight I was prompted to visit the download page again and update to the new version, again just follow the prompts and download the latest.  Continue to the next page where you will be prompted to disable you antivirus, the installer will automatically detect it if you have antivirus installed, and you will need to disable this and then hit continue.

cmdetecting device

Now we connect the device to the PC, the installer will detect the device, download the recovery software required, and then you will be prompted to start the installation, you should see your device listed and again you will be reminded that during the installation your device will be reset to factory and all your data will be wiped so make sure you back up your important data.  If you are happy that everything is backed up and that you are ready to go then hit the install button and let the magic happen.

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Your device should display “Downloading” and your PC should be installing recovery software.   When this step has finished your device will reset,  you should then see the Cyanogen man, and the PC will show that it has begun installing the operating system and you should see the blue progress bar tracking across the screen,

The PC will switch to” waiting for device” and you should see the green Android installing symbol, this will then switch back to the blue Cyanogen man, and your PC will display “Installing applications” the Android man should then return to  your device screen.

Your PC will then show that the installation is finishing up and then you should see the “Installation complete message” Your device will reboot and show you the CyanogenMod booting screen.

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And that is it, your device should have finished it first boot running CyanogenMod and you should be greeted with the Welcome to CyanogneMod Page, follow through these steps to finish set up on registration on your device and then enjoy stock Android.

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You will continue to receive updates over the air as soon as they are released, and the CM Forum is a great place to go for advice and also to report any bugs you may experience.  I am 3 weeks into using CM on 2 of my devices and I have had no issues at all.  I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer – As always, Coolsmartphone and its staff are in no way responsible for any damage that you may cause to your phone. Please be aware that any warranties may be voided. All customisation is done at your own risk.

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