There’s gold in them thar.. err.. Smartphones


Now, I’m not going to talk about those trade-in websites that’ll offer you a few quid for your mobile. I’m actually going to talk about those slightly different websites that constantly ask whether you’ve got any gold. 

Me, I know the answer already. I’ve got no gold. I don’t have any broken or “mismatched” gold. I don’t even have anything painted gold, let alone made of gold.

But wait…

Someone has just told me that I actually do have gold. It’s right here in my hand. Nokia have added a post which states that the printed circuit board (PCB) in my smartphone actually has gold in it. They tell me that 65-80% of the material in your mobile can be recycled, and the amount of gold in your phone actually has a big impact on the prices offered for your phone. This very fact means that pawnbrokers like Albermarie Bond are getting in on the action and are offering cash for your phone too.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s not a massive amount of gold in your phone, but 6% of all the gold produced in the world ends up in smartphones and computers. Add it all together and there’s money to be made.


So, this Sunday I’ll be buying an old transit van and slowly touring the streets with my trumpet. If you’ve got an old phone, pop out and chuck it in the flatbed. I’m off to the Caribbean with any luck. :)  

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