Lenovo to turn Motorola around in less than 15 months

Now that Google have off-loaded Motorola to Lenovo, there’s a lot of “eyes” on Lenovo to see what happens next. Lenovo have just posted record third-quarter profits after selling stacks of mobiles and laptops in emerging markets. Their revenues hit a record $10.8 billion, and Lenovo are now promising to turn Motorola around.

The timescale for doing that? “up to five quarters” according to Lenovo, who bounght Motorola from Google (minus the patents) for £2.9 billion.

After a 30% jump in profits, we’ll be visiting Lenovo during Mobile World Congress for a full interview and to discuss their Motorola plans. Join all the fun right here, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest.

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