Connecting your gadget – A simple solution to finding the right cable

Smartphones and tablets can be complicated, but the cables to connect them all up have got a little easier to understand in recent years. Generally speaking, if you’ve got a smartphone or Android tablet it’ll have a microUSB cable and that’ll plug into a wall socket. However, if you’ve had a gadget for Christmas and want to know what cable you’ll need to connect it to your printer, TV or laptop, you might spend quite a bit of time browsing around the internet.

So, I’ve had an email from John Darwood. He’s decided to setup Connect My Gadget. You basically tell it what you have and what you want to connect it to. It’ll then tell you what you need. Simple huh? Sure, it’s a pretty and easy front-end for a shop, but it’s still good to see people thinking outside the box and coming up with a solution that’ll help many to choose the right cabale for their kit. Not only that, but it’ll help people realise what else their gadget can do.

Get more details in the press release below.

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