iPhone Mixtape case, complete with 8GB storage, now available

We’ve seen funky iPad cases before. We’ve seen cases that look like cassette tapes too, but we’ve not seen an iPhone 5 / 5s case which also adds a USB stick.

This one is ideal for budding DJ’s, musicians, photographers or anyone who wants to store and move data quickly. The back of the cassette, which is available in blue, black, grey and white, has a USB stick at the bottom. You simply slide this out, stick it in your computer and move your files around.

Sharing large amounts of data with others is then pretty easy – you just slide the 8GB USB stick out. There’s no emailing or cloud storage to worry about – this is quick and easy.

The cases, pictured here, are available for £19.99. Not only does it look like a mixtape, but it can actually be your mixtape too.

Head over to usbmixtapecase.co.uk for more information.

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