Get off that phone!!


We’ve all either been on the receiving end of that line, or said it to someone else, you hear it all the time. It’s often used as a reason that our society is getting more unsociable, or cited as reasons young relationships break down! I know I’ve been guilty of being on my phone a little too much before, you just get so involved. Why can’t we just all drop our technology a bit more, the world would be so much better! Wouldn’t it?

Actually the reverse may be true, at least in the older generations. Some researchers at Wichita State University in America conducted a study with seniors receiving home and community-based services. 85% of those participants were eager to be using a computer but only 25% said they actually did have access to anything. Having access to technology like this can help elderly people to feel less lonely and more socially connected. Does this apply to younger generations though? Is it that younger people are more physically active so can get out to these social events more readily? Maybe Doris just can’t make it down to the Bowling Green any more to get her gossip so she want’s to connect to her grandchildren over the face book and download some internet to her house.


Regardless, I thought it was an interesting study and wasn’t something I had considered. I’ve often discouraged my Grandparents from buying laptops or PCs because I doubted they would ever be able to makes sense of it, I’d never considered it might help them to feel more social.

What do you think? What are your thoughts? This is a topic I have had a lot of personal involvement in recently and often argued against making technology available to elderly users like that because they wouldn’t be able to use it. Makes me feel a little heartless now…

Wichita Research 

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